Review: Monster M-80

Monster M-80Overview:

Monster M-80 is another product from Monster Energy’s “Juice” lineup of drinks. I’ve already reviewed Khaos, which earned an impressive score of 8/10. Can the M-80 top it? Let’s find out.

Straight from the can:

The magical smells in the air driving to the Monster Energy Pipeline Pro Surf competition on the North Shore of Oahu was our inspiration for new Monster M-80. We started with a killer combo of local tropical juices, added in some original Monster flavor, then souped it up with a full load of our potent Monster Energy blend.


Monster M-80… another radical “Juice Monster” hybrid with explosive flavor and the big bad Monster buzz you know and love.

Let’s take a look at it, shall we?


After opening the can and getting that first wiff of M-80, which was inspired by the Hawaiian air, you might get a little light headed. The aroma is so wonderful and light, it smells mainly of pineapple with some other scents backing it up. In fact, before I even drank this I went to Good Will and bought a button-up Hawaiian shirt to match the tropical scent. I’m such a douche bag.

On to the taste. M-80 contains Pineapple (most prominantly), passionfruit and apple juice blended together with a shot of Monster flavor and lightly carbonated. While this pales in comparison to Khaos’ 6 distinct juices blended together the M-80 is composed of 30% more juice than it’s counterpart. But does it taste good? Meh. It’s not bad. Really it tastes like carbonated pineapple juice. Not as good as Khaos, not as bad as urine.

Monster’s M-80 takes value to the next level. If you’ll recall, Khaos was blended with 50% juice and 100% percent monster, making 150% total volume. Well, this product kicks it up to 180% volume for the same $1.99 standard rate as something with only 100% substance in a container.

The Monster kick is definitley here. I’ve only drank about half the can while writing this and I’m already starting to feel it settle in. It’s a nice feeling. I’m not addicted, though.

Final Words:

Monster M-80 is a decent product with a strange taste that isn’t very accessible. The taste is comparable to Khaos in the fact that the flavor is unique, but unlike Khaos M-80’s taste never quite feels right.


  • Wonderful, wonderful scent
  • 180% volume for standard price
  • All the kick is there


  • Tastes too unique
  • Looks even more like pee than actual pee does


Overall: 7.8/10 (slightly above average)
8.5/10 (really sweet. makes you want to surf)
Taste: 6.5/10 (it really is good, it just doesn’t feel right)
Kick: 8.5/10 (powerful)
Value: 18/10 (don’t argue, you’ll be wrong)
Looks a lot like: Pee/10


I just peed, and it seriously smelled exactly like this stuff. It’s so magical!

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