Scheduled Updates for Week of Nov. 2nd

So I tried toning down my ambitious planning in the Scheduled Updates last week and it worked out quite well. I got 6/8 things up, including the Venom and Curve reviews, Caught in the Headlights coverage, and my first entry into the PackRat Paragraphs. I also delivered some special posts for Halloween which included the Dawn of the Dead and Splatterhouse reviews.

Here’s what you can expect next week:

  • New entry into the PackRat Paragraphs
  • Full Throttle energy drink review
  • Teaser for the Terre Haute Skates project I’m working on
  • A video game review (undecided)
  • Mint Snuff All Mint Tobacco Free Chew review (ugh)
  • Hopefully some more local band coverage
  • That Land of the Dead review I should’ve had up on Halloween. Sorry
  • Pat and Tate’s posts
  • Whatever other news or reviews I decide to post

And Christmas is at the end of next month! YES! I just remembered that! I want a dragon and half a bottle of punch and a skateboard with wings and… a pocket watch! And as always, keep reading Everyview!

One thought on “Scheduled Updates for Week of Nov. 2nd

  1. What’s terre haute skates?

    Also lookin forward to Christmas. I’ve been a good boy!

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