PackRat Paragraphs: Pure Evil RE 2-Pack

The Resident Evil 2-Pack Pure Evil box set was a Gamecube game that featured both series prequel Resident Evil 0 as well as the acclaimed GCN revamp of the original Resident Evil. The promos life span was rather short causing the item’s appreciate over the years as well as become a rare gem sought after by many game collectors. The box set runs for about 65 dollars on, but I picked it up when it was first released for about 20 bucks if I remember right.

One thought on “PackRat Paragraphs: Pure Evil RE 2-Pack

  1. Resident evil 0 was such a lame game wuth all those damn leeches. The gamecube remake was awesomr, though. Just imagine how much this will be worth in another ten years if you hold on to it.

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