Retro-Review: Warheads

When I think about my childhood I often remember the sugary candies and
beverages that went along with it. Many come to mind and some of them I
still enjoy! Mountain Dew, Reese’s Cups, Snickers, and the occasional
piece of gum. Yet I still miss those long forgotten candies that made up
a good part of my diet in younger years. Sweet Starbursts, tangy Ring
Pops, Bazooka Joe bubble gum, the highly caffeinated Surge soda, Nerds,
Shocktarts, Air Heads… wait, that last one reminds me of something.
Something else with the word ‘head’ in it. Ahh, yes. Warheads! I used to
pop those little suckers 24/7. I could even open up the wrapper up in
my mouth (not as hard as the Starburst wrappers of course). It’s been so
long since I’ve had a Warhead that I can hardly remember what they taste
like. Hmm. Well any candy that has the word ‘Head’ in it must be good,
right? Was it sour? Was it sweet? Luckily I have just stumbled
upon one of these little candies and I’m going to see if they live up to
my memories.


If you too were or are a warheads fan you can go to the official Warheads website and visit Wally the Warhead’s extreme playhouse. I would suggest being over 18 before visiting the playhouse for reasons I will not state on this page… just kidding. Despite his name and facial expressions I have to guess Wally is a pretty good guy. There are games and a bunch of other stuff on it. I couldn’t find anything extreme, though. I Wikied Warheads and found they are from Taiwan which shocked me because Ive never heard of manufactured goods being shipped from an Asian country.  The coating on the outside is what makes them sour and which is why it is very short lived. So on to the review!


One fun game I used to do with warheads was sticking like ten in my mouth and trying to take it like a man, but for the sake of this review I will use just one. I take the tiny wrapper out of my pocket, staring at the wrapper I see a man who looks to be in a good deal of pain and there appears to be a plume of smoke coming out of the top of
his head. I can only guess on his ethnicity, Norwegian perhaps. The
candy which I have obtained is a blue raspberry Warhead that warns me
that it is “Extremely sour”, but that is a risk I’m willing to take. I
open up the wrapper and stare at the misty blue lozenge. I brace myself
and place it on my tongue. A strong sweet sour feeling overtakes me and,
as quick as it came, fades away pleasantly leaving a very sugary
blueberry taste to replace it. As I suck on this piece of sugary
goodness I have some very vivid memories from my childhood, and of
course I’m just like Mr.Owl from the tootsie pop commercials. I crunch
that sucker before its half done. Oh Warhead you do not disappoint!

Final Words:
I wish they were a little bit more sour because I like my food to have a sharp kick to it. I would actually say its more sweet than sour, and the sourness is very short lived but Im sure it was a lot more intense when I was younger.

8 out of 10 (I would have given more points due to my intimate
relationship with these candies, but I’m too professional)
Taste: 93.2%(Sweet) 5%(Sour) 1.8%(blue)
Texture: round and smooth
Aftertaste: Blue
Healthiness: 3.14/10- I’m giving it this because it is circular not because it is healthy in any way

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