Caught in the Headlights at Bogey’s

Caught in the Headlights is a great upsart local metal band fronted by Alex Reid and backed by guitarists Kevin Doti and Austin Horsley, bassist Mitch Cartwright and drummer Pepy Maloba. I was commissioned to record their performance at Bogey’s Family Fun Center last Friday and came away with what I felt was a surprisingly satisfying performance from these fine young gentlemen.

Here they are performing a cover of Entombment of the Machine by Job for a Cowboy:

The most surprising element of the bands performance was hands down Reid’s aggressive vocals. If you listen to him talk after the songs you would never think he would be capable of spitting out such demonic growls and sick pig squeals. The rest of the band was also able to pull off their cover with ease showing their dedication to learning material they know fans want. But what about original songs? Here they are playing their own property, Run Away:

This song just screams energy. Most of this enthusiasm comes from Maloba’s cymbal happy drum work and Reid’s ridiculous amount of passion pouring out of his performance. This is backed up by excellent guitar work by both Doti and Horsley and Cartwright’s so-sick-it-must-be-metal bass riffs.

The on-stage performance from these kids just screams potential. This was one of their first shows and they earned complements from members of other bands, most notably The Sex Magician’s drummer Chris McCoy, who has earned the reputation of being the single most talented and creative drummer here in Terre Haute as well as most of it’s surrounding areas. Local band Battosai also qued them an on-stage shout out congratulating them on their kick-ass performance. Most importantly, however, they earned the respect of the fans.

It cannot be said where Caught in the Headlights journey through Terre Haute’s local music scene will end, but I assure you it will be an epic tale and I will keep an eye on these boys to see where they go from here.

These videos can also be found on Everyview’s YouTube channel.

The band’s Myspace can be found here.

Sorry for the sub-par quality of these vids. I had to super compress them to get them to meet YouTube’s file limit.

23 thoughts on “Caught in the Headlights at Bogey’s

  1. The recording isn’t really that bad. The lighting didn’t help, it obviously wasn’t set up to be video recording friendly.

    These guys way to heavy for me. I’m the kinda guy who’s stuck in the 80s, though, and think bands like Ratt and Tesla are heavy.


  2. i was there and you guys had so much energy! it was very good for a first show and i would be more than willing to pay to see you again!

  3. I loved Caught in the Headlights performance. The video doesn’t justify how good it was for their first show. I’m definitely looking forward to more 🙂


  4. they sounded really heavy but it souded like it would be alot of fun. i think your review was good. i saw all of your points.

  5. that entombment cover was brutal. i’ve never heard that accurate of a cover from a local band. cant wait till the next show

  6. this is crazy, i never thought all the boys i grew up with could do this.
    but dameeee. crazy shit dude.
    i’m so proud, lol.
    pepy is tearing it up on those cymbals man, alex is killin’ it with those screams, the guitars can’t shred much harder, and good ol’ mitch keeps thumpin’ the fuck outta that bass.
    sweet fucking breakdown in the last vid.
    i wish i woulda made it out to the show to support all my friends, but i was paying my dues to the man.
    fuck work!
    nice review xaq pritcha.
    obv, nice set guys.

  7. God dude i really wish i could have been there! I heard about it but i forgot… you guys tore it up! I will deff. be at you next show

    good review.

  8. @tallboy

    Yeah man you spound like my dad. I’ve always been a fan of music from the 80s, even though I was born in ’90.

  9. anything i say will b an under statement of how well they covered “Entombment Of A Machine” good job guys!! hope i can make it to the next show.

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  11. @Bart

    hey this kevin from caught in the headlights
    would you guys be interested in play a show with us sometime?

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