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Monster Khaos is a very, very unique product. It uses a creative energy blend that is so scientifically advanced that it has the ability to defy mathematical laws that have stood in effect for a very long time. How? The Khaos formula is somehow able to incorporate  an amazing ratio of 50% Juice and 100% Monster. Many would tell you that is theoretically impossible, but the folks at the Monster lab would spit pure energy on their face and then kick them in the chest for being such nerds.

Straight from the can: “It’s alive… Monster Khaos, an insane Juice-Monster hybrid bubbling with the great Monster taste and the big bad buzz you know and love.”


Back to that unique energy blend I was talking about. The distinct Khaos blend contains apple, orange, peach, tangerine, pineapple and white grape juice. Wow. That’s a lot of juice. And in fact the choice selection of fruit juices in this drink shouldn’t taste well blended together. At all. But somehow it manages to once again defy scientific laws by combining 6 distinct flavors and somehow blending them so perfectly together that they come away with a decent tasting beverage.

The taste is, admittedly, something that you will have to give a chance. The first drink isn’t bad, it’s just very different. The scent protruding from the depths of the can proves to be the same way. It doesn’t smell bad, by any means, it’s just very strong.

The product, while it is your standard $1.99 2-serving, 16 oz container of energy brew, it is an amazing deal. The reason this stuff is such a bargain is because, like stated previously, it contains more substance than physically possible. While there is only 100% liquid in this container there are 150% total ingredients making this the bargain of the century. What will Monster come out with next? Time travel, teleporting and penis enlargement are a few that come to mind immediately. And just like the Juice-Monster blend, all of those things previously mentioned are impossible. Except on the Sci-Fi Channel or commercials with annoyingly happy men named “Bob”.

And finally we talk about the kick. If you’ve been following the site you know that I haven’t reviewed an energy drink since the Mega Monster that provided a satisfying buzz. Well, I’m happy to report that Monster Khaos retains that caffeine high that Java Monsters don’t have. You’ll have the jittery tapping of the toes, the ability to talk real fast, an unrivaled ability to focus on demanding tasks, and most importantly, the urge to hop. Hop hop hop. Yes.

Final Words:


  • Unique taste
  • Wonderful Kick
  • Brilliant innovation that takes science one step further


  • Overpowering aroma
  • Taste is almost too unique


Taste: 8/10 (While it is strange at first it will end up winning you over)
Aroma: 6/10 (While it isn’t bad, its just too strong)
Kick: 8.5/10 (Keeps that Monster kick we know and love)
Value: 15/10 (Impossible? Psh)

3 thoughts on “Review: Monster Khaos

  1. I love this. The grape stuff is gross, though. I don’t remember what its called, but it tastes like bad wine.

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