Silent City

Just as promised, I did some looking last night and found another artistic creation directed by Akira’s Ruairi Robinson. Last week I posted 50% Grey, his first video, and it got a lot of views so I’m assuming people liked it even though you guys never leave comments. Jerks.

Anyway, here is Silent City. This video blows %50 out of the water when it comes to production values, CG, and story. I’m going to be honest with you and say that even after watching Grey I was still a little worried. Grey just proved that Robinson had the ability to make sure that Akira will be just as tormented and weird as the original manga on which it’s based. Silent City has me convinced that Ruairi is the perfect candidate for the job. Just watch it and if it gets enough views I’ll keep giving you guys more pieces of his work.

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  1. This also has Cillian Murphy in it, who is a pretty well known actor. He played the Scarecrow in the Batman movies and was in other movies like Red Eye, Cold Mountain, and 28 Days Later.

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