Review: Amp Energy: Revive

Overview: Amp energy drink has recently released a handful of new flavors to the bustling market of highly caffeinated beverages. The one I am reviewing, Revive, is flavored with a “Burst of Orange Citrus” as well as a reasonable dosage of Electrolytes and B Vitamins to get your body and mind going in the morning.

From the can: “Revive and Hydrate with a burst of Orange citrus and an intense surge of energy to get  up and get moving again. Tackle whatever life brings with the power of Amp Energy and a specially formulated energizing combination of electrolytes and B vitamins to jump start your body and mind.”


Amp Energy’s citrus flavor is really accessible for the people who don’t drink very many energy drinks, but like to have one if they are feeling particularly tired. It’s smooth and doesn’t have that salt water taste of original flavored Amp which makes your teeth hurt. God, I hate that. When compared to other orange flavored energy supplements, however, you find that Revive tastes a little on the sour side.

The orange flavor is well represented in the drinks scent. It has a wonderful aroma that smells just like the artificially flavored orange drink that goes really well with graham cracker right before naptime.

If you are one of those people, however, who enjoy that fantastic energy high shortly after consumption then you might come away slightly disappointed. Like I said earlier, this drink is designed to be accessible to people not used to large amounts of caffeine, and, like the Mean Bean Java Monster, is designed to help you perform your best during the mornings, not hype you up for a marathon.

Aside from the lack of kick there is one more downer. Revive comes in your standard 16 fl. oz. can and clocks in the expected 2 servings per container, but will cost you about $2.49 instead of the industry standard of $1.99. Charging as much for a 16 oz can as other companies do for the 24 oz mega supplements might be a result of brand recognition. Casual drinkers recognize the name Red Bull, so they have no problem dropping 2 bucks for a dinky little 8 oz can. Likewise is that Amp is owned by Mountain Dew. People trust what is familiar, so they are more likely to spend money on something with a name they recognize than to take a chance.

Final Words:


  • Delicious Orange flavor and Scent
  • Helps you get going in the morning


  • No energy high
  • Slightly overpriced


Taste: 8/10 (Not too salty. Orange flavor is smooth)
Aroma: 8/10 (Orange drink scent is reminiscent of my youth)
Kick: 6/10 (Good for a breakfast supplement, but that’s about it)

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