Review: Gold Peak Sweet Tea


Ahh, tea! I don’t really like tea. But when I was looking for something to review, I thought the bottle looked very sophisticated, and I love sophistication. So bought it, took a picture and now I’m going to review it! I’ve only had 2 drinks so far, so bare with me.

Gold Peak Tea comes in various flavors. 3rd drink. I’m reviewing the Sweetened flavor because I thought it was the safest bet. Remember what happened last time I took a risk and picked something based on it’s bottle? Yeah, the Root Beer Float thing. Never again.


4th drink. Anyway, It’s not bad. In fact it’s pretty good, even though I’m not a huge fan of tea. But I’m just rambling. It comes in a 16.9 fl. oz. bottle at only $1.39. That’s pretty cheap, I think. I’m not sure, because I don’t buy tea that often since I don’t drink it that often. 5th drink.  Anyway, tea is supposed to be healthier for you, so I got it. 6th drink. It’s also kinda late and I have class tomorrow morning, so I didn’t want to get an energy drink. 7th drink.

Energy drinks make me pee blood anyway. Blah blah blah. This tea is very uninspiring. 8th drink. 9th drink. Maybe it’s because I don’t care about it because I don’t favor tea over other beverages. Like Diet Coke. I’m fat. That’s why I’m drinking. 10th drink. Tea. But it is good, for the most parts. Not by my standards, really, but by tea standards. Hold on, let me ask my girlfriend. She likes tea. She says it’s pretty good. 11th drink.

It’s almost gone, so I’m almost done writing. I’ll hurry up because I’m ready to be done drinking it since I don’t like tea that much. 12th drink. I might not enjoy tea as much as other people, I love the sound of putting the lid back on. Aluminum on glass. Man, I love that sound. It’s just like; tink. Very subtle sound. Most people don’t take the time to enjoy it. 13th drink. That’s an unlucky number.

There’s only about one drink left.

Direct quote from the bottle: “It’s time to get reacquainted with the simple pleasure of iced tea. Savor the real brewed taste of Gold Peak iced tea. Made from the highest quality tea leaves and pure water. It’s the way tea should taste.”

Now I feel like a hippy. Drinking something so natural and stuff. I dated a hippy. 14th drink. OK, the tea is gone. Time to give it a score!


Taste: 7/10  (Average. I like Diet Coke better. I’m fat.)
Aroma: 7/10 (Smells like tea.)
Value: 7/10 (Cheap, but you could be using that money to buy something less average than tea.)
# of Drinks: 14/10 ( My stomach hurts. I drank it too fast.)

3 thoughts on “Review: Gold Peak Sweet Tea

  1. I love gold peak sweetened. It it the only store bought tea that I will drink. It’s the only store bought tea I will buy. I make my own tea, always but I purchase gold peak while I wait for my to chill or if I’m out away from home. Love it, love it, love it!

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