Full Dragonball Movie Trailer

If you found yourself thoroughly nauseated after watching the leaked Dragonball Movie trailer I posted last week and thought that it was caused from the shaky camera work of the off-screen footage rather than the fact that James Wong, director also responsible for Final Destination, took your favorite childhood memories and defecated on their chest to satisfy his sick fetish then you’re gonna want to check this out.

The full teaser was recently released and I’ve got an embed for you below. Prepare to be disappointed if you weren’t already.

Oh, and Piccolo isn’t green. He’s diarrhea grey.

0 thoughts on “Full Dragonball Movie Trailer

  1. dude… DUUUDEEE…. no fuckin way man! but it looks nothing like dragonball just same names, lol. i bet its gonna suck hard!

  2. Tell me about it, man. It’s got me down. It’s gonna suck worse than patrick o’brien.

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