CNN Bashes Cocaine

I was doing some random searches today and I came across a YouTube upload of CNN’s Betty Nguyen, better known as “that hott Asian lady on the news”, hosting an interview with James Kirby, the inventor of extremely controversial Cocaine energy drink. First off, he gets mad props for having the BAWLS (energy drink pun, sorry) to go on a network like CNN knowing his product is just going to get bashed to hell. Oh well, I guess all he wants is exposure for the drink. So far so good! But it really is somewhat interesting to watch him defend himself against her conservative attacks and generalizations and end up holding his own very well.

I thought the video was somewhat entertaining, so here’s an embed for you guys.

Now, I’ve never had Cocaine, but have wanted to try it ever since it got banned. Talk about inconvenience. Now I have to order it online and some other BS. If I ever end up getting hands on a can of this stuff I’ll write a review and let you guys know how it is.

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