[Televisual Broadcast Review] Baskets Season One


UnknownHaving followed the career of Zach Galifianakis for a long time, I’ve always been sort of surprised that he became a superstar. As both a standup and actor, his style has always been so uncompromisingly odd and niche – even in his breakthrough Hangover role – that he never seemed like someone who would achieve significant mainstream success.

But he did. In fact, his star power became so big that when Baskets, the FX comedy series he created with Louis C.K. and Jonathan Krisel, debuted in January, it became the highest-rated cable premier in two years. And yet, when presented with this particular bit of audacious weirdness from Galifianakis, a good chunk of the show’s initial audience seemed turned off and by season’s end, viewership had dipped by almost 50 percent.

And that substantial loss of audience, dear readers, is a pity, because those people tuned out one of the best and most strangely endearing shows to hit the airwaves in some time.

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[Movie Review] Due Date (2010)

It happens all the time.

An actor transforms himself from an unknown whatever into a juggernaut, with every possible movie yearning for his skills. The new hot name on the comedy block is Zach Galifianakis.

The bearded wonder has been appearing in film after film since the immense success of the amazingly raucous The Hangover, and in 2010’s Due Date, Galifianakis is reunited with director Todd Phillips in what would appear to be another R-rated romp with the male species. Continue reading

[Movie Review] The Hangover (Theatrical)


the-hangover-posterI’d been excited about this movie since I saw the trailer, and I’ll start off by saying “IT DELIVERS”. It isn’t one of those comedies that shoots its wad in the trailer, wasting all the genuine laughs to con you into paying $8 to see it, and then providing nothing new or fresh, leaving you to exit the theater with the sensation that you’ve just been had. This movie is worth it for a variety of reasons. Continue reading