[Televisual Broadcast Review] Baskets Season One


UnknownHaving followed the career of Zach Galifianakis for a long time, I’ve always been sort of surprised that he became a superstar. As both a standup and actor, his style has always been so uncompromisingly odd and niche – even in his breakthrough Hangover role – that he never seemed like someone who would achieve significant mainstream success.

But he did. In fact, his star power became so big that when Baskets, the FX comedy series he created with Louis C.K. and Jonathan Krisel, debuted in January, it became the highest-rated cable premier in two years. And yet, when presented with this particular bit of audacious weirdness from Galifianakis, a good chunk of the show’s initial audience seemed turned off and by season’s end, viewership had dipped by almost 50 percent.

And that substantial loss of audience, dear readers, is a pity, because those people tuned out one of the best and most strangely endearing shows to hit the airwaves in some time.

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[Doubleshot TV Review] The Return of Futurama

Futurama, the moderately popular cult TV program, returned to the air last night after a seven year hiatus with two brand new episodes. Here are two separate, contrasting reviews of each program by Everyview Editor Casual Clay Cunningham and Editor-in-Cheif Zachariah Jedidiah Pritcher. Continue reading

[T.V. Review] Lost: The Final Season Premiere

Few shows achieve what Lost has been able to achieve. Not only does the show do gangbusters in ratings and have a freakishly devoted set of die-hard fans, but also has proven to be one of the best shows that has ever graced American Television. Hi, I’m Andrew, and I’m a Lostaholic.

My addiction to the show has only developed in the last year. I resisted because I was sure the show was all hype, a product of a lot of people wanting something to be awesome AND good at the same time. But it’s not hype at all. This show delivers week in and week out, and nothing proves that more than Tuesday nights Premiere Event on ABC. I’m glad I waited until the first four seasons were available on DVD, because otherwise I don’t think I could’ve handled the anticipation between episodes, because this show finds a way to wow you during every episode. Continue reading

TV Shows You Should Watch (And the ones I beg you to skip)

Television is as American as Apple Pie. Many of us enjoy nothing more than plopping our lazy asses in front of the TV and basking in the glow of that heavenly little box as it washes over our collective senses. I know I do.

I’m familiar with how the Hollywood machine works. Some shows survive, some shows die quick and sometimes undeserved deaths. They never get a chance to find their audience, and are bounced around various days and timeslots, and the network never gets behind them. The most obvious of these types of shows is the tragically phenomenal Arrested Development, a 3 season TVgasm that the FOX network never seemed to know what they had. They bounced around the show from day to day, time to time, and the audience never got a chance to find it (though the show has really grown a nice audience thanks to DVD). Continue reading

[TV Review] The Cleveland Show Premiere

The Cleveland Show has received a lot of hype. It was even mentioned in an episode of Family Guy by Cleveland himself. The pilot episode premiered September 27th on Fox network, and was watched by approximately 9.42 million viewers. That’s a good number of people, but I’m willing to wager that most of them were disappointed, much like myself. Continue reading

[TV Review] Dexter Season 4 Premiere

Few shows give me the chubby that Showtime’s Dexter does. It’s fun, intelligent, original. So, having caught up on DVD, I was finally ready to watch my first season on TV, without the ability to watch multiple episodes in a day.

The Season 4 Premiere begins with us getting a look at the new father/husband Dexter. Visibly exhausted, he’s trying to juggle his new life with his desire for his old life, all while adding a new baby into the mix. We are quickly introduced the this season’s main new character, The Trinity Killer (played by Jon Lithgow). Having another serial killer for Dexter to go toe to toe with is going to lead to a very intense season, I believe. Continue reading