[Televisual Broadcast Review] Baskets Season One


UnknownHaving followed the career of Zach Galifianakis for a long time, I’ve always been sort of surprised that he became a superstar. As both a standup and actor, his style has always been so uncompromisingly odd and niche – even in his breakthrough Hangover role – that he never seemed like someone who would achieve significant mainstream success.

But he did. In fact, his star power became so big that when Baskets, the FX comedy series he created with Louis C.K. and Jonathan Krisel, debuted in January, it became the highest-rated cable premier in two years. And yet, when presented with this particular bit of audacious weirdness from Galifianakis, a good chunk of the show’s initial audience seemed turned off and by season’s end, viewership had dipped by almost 50 percent.

And that substantial loss of audience, dear readers, is a pity, because those people tuned out one of the best and most strangely endearing shows to hit the airwaves in some time.

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[TV Review] $#*! My Dad Says Pilot Episode


Like 1,724,133 other people, we here at the Everyview Network became avid followers of Shit My Dad Says, a Twitter account started by a writer named Justin Halpern, documenting hilarious observations made by his cranky and politically incorrect father Sam. The ramblings on an angry, yet noticeably intelligent old man made for a genuinely gut-busting read.

Well, the phenomenon became so widespread, it lead to a book, and now a television show on CBS with William Shatner as the cantankerous father, renamed Ed Goodson. If you’re anything like me, you’d be worried that such an explosively funny entity would have its balls ripped right off when placed on a major network and the end result would be a lame waste of time.

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[TV Review] South Park (Season 13, Ep. 8)

south park season 13 ep 8I’m going to warn you right now. I think South Park is the single greatest TV show of ALL-TIME. It is the only show that, with each passing year, actually improves. I attribute that to Trey Parker and Matt Stone having not only brilliant comedic minds, but that they have refined their method of production in such a way that they can include the most current of topics into the show. With this, they make each season seem just as, if not more, relevant than the last.

They always push the envelope creatively, and even if you think you’ve seen a shitty episode or two, you haven’t. I’ve made that mistake, too. I get my hopes and expectations up so high that sometimes an episode falls a little flat. But go back and watch it again. Even a mediocre episode of South Park is better than even the best episodes of some other good shows. Continue reading

[TV Guest Review] Stargate Universe Premiere

Opening Statement:

I’ve been a Sci Fi fan as long as I can remember. It has been my escape from the world. When I was a teen I fell in love with a movie that I must have watched 30 times or more. This wonderful movie was Stargate! In 1997 Stargate SG-1 came to be, and it was a big hit. I didn’t really get into it ’til about a year ago (I know, shame on me). Since then I have seen every episode of SG-1, the SG-1 Movies and Stargate Atlantis multiple times and never seem to get tired of them. So when the news of SGU came around I got goose bumps and marked my calendar for the big event. Finally, last night, the season premiere aired! Continue reading

[TV Review] Dexter Season 4 Premiere

Few shows give me the chubby that Showtime’s Dexter does. It’s fun, intelligent, original. So, having caught up on DVD, I was finally ready to watch my first season on TV, without the ability to watch multiple episodes in a day.

The Season 4 Premiere begins with us getting a look at the new father/husband Dexter. Visibly exhausted, he’s trying to juggle his new life with his desire for his old life, all while adding a new baby into the mix. We are quickly introduced the this season’s main new character, The Trinity Killer (played by Jon Lithgow). Having another serial killer for Dexter to go toe to toe with is going to lead to a very intense season, I believe. Continue reading

[DVD Review] Flight of the Conchords: The Complete Second Season


flight of the conchords“Flight of the Conchords,” an HBO musical comedy series about a folk parody duo from New Zealand who moves to New York to make it big in America, set the bar pretty high with it’s first season. The show was fresh and insanely funny, proving to be on of the best comedies currently on American television. But as I stated in a previous review (the first review I ever wrote for the site!), the season started with a disappointingly flat first episode.

Well, for my six or so regular readers (for fun I decided to multiply the real total by three) who have been dying to know whether or not the second season picked up steam, your torturous wait is finally over, as “The Complete Second Season” of the series hit DVD shelves this week. Here we go! Continue reading

[TV Review] “Nurse Jackie” Pilot Episode


If most networks aired “Nurse Jackie,” a new dramady series about an opinionated veteran nurse who plays by her own rules, it would likely seem trite and obnoxious. But when aired on Showtime, a network noted for shows about serial killers, sex addicted (and statutory rapist) novelists and the erotic escapades of Henry VIII, it is bound to generate at least a little interest.

Enticed when I saw the ad to stream the show’s pilot episode for free on Showtime’s official site, I gave ‘er a view and while I wasn’t blown away, I must say I left the show feeling fairly satisfied. Continue reading