[TV Review] Lost-“The End”

Everything that can be said about the television juggernaut Lost has been said before, and recently, in great frequency. The show concluded its epic six season run on Sunday, May 23rd with a 2.5 hour finale event. These are my thoughts on it.

It’s tough to talk about Lost without theorizing about what happened, what should have happened, what could’ve happened, etc. I wrote this final episode in my mind a dozen times, but the final product exceeded my expectations more than I’d anticipated. And it’s because it wasn’t filled with things I saw coming, it wasn’t only filled with answers to the many island related questions that have been posed since 2004. Continue reading

[T.V. Review] Lost: The Final Season Premiere

Few shows achieve what Lost has been able to achieve. Not only does the show do gangbusters in ratings and have a freakishly devoted set of die-hard fans, but also has proven to be one of the best shows that has ever graced American Television. Hi, I’m Andrew, and I’m a Lostaholic.

My addiction to the show has only developed in the last year. I resisted because I was sure the show was all hype, a product of a lot of people wanting something to be awesome AND good at the same time. But it’s not hype at all. This show delivers week in and week out, and nothing proves that more than Tuesday nights Premiere Event on ABC. I’m glad I waited until the first four seasons were available on DVD, because otherwise I don’t think I could’ve handled the anticipation between episodes, because this show finds a way to wow you during every episode. Continue reading

The 5 Most Underappreciated Actors in Hollywood

Let’s face it. Some of us go to the movies to see a specific actor on screen. But for every Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, there are lesser known actors who light up the screen just as, if not more, often. This is a list of those actors:

Colin Farrell

Yes, folks, I’m dead serious. And this isn’t because I have been a major fan of the guy since Hart’s War. Take a look at his filmography for a moment. There are a number of quality films on there, and in each of them Farrell has shined. Minority Report was his true breakout, and is one of the best films of the decade. A smaller film like Phone Booth showed his range, but it wasn’t until The New World that I really started to see Farrell as the incredibly gifted actor he is. In that film he gives such a nuanced performance it truly shows his development. His performance in In Bruges garnered him a Golden Globe, and his script selection seems to be much better than it was in the early 2000s. The sky is the limit for this talented Irishmen. Continue reading

Review: “Breaking Bad: The Complete First Season”

breaking-badOpening Remark:

The best (though in the interest of fairness, the only) new dramatic series I came across last year has arrived on DVD with the release of “Breaking Bad: The Complete First Season.”


Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is a brilliant mind in the field of chemistry, whose accomplishments include contributing research to a Nobel Prize winning project. However, he has since fallen into a life of complacency, teaching chemistry at the high school level and with each passing year is growing more and more apathetic towards his career. Then Walter finds out devastating news. He has terminal lung cancer and is given two years to live. Not wanting to leave his pregnant wife and special needs son burdened with financial implosion, Walt finds an insane solution; he decides to start cooking crystal meth with a burnout former student of his named Jesse (Aaron Paul).

Continue reading