[Food Review] The Alamo

Here’s a portion of a review on Does It Hit The Spot.

A while back I reviewed Kringle’s Kafe’, one of the most likely lunch spots during a visit to Holiday World for many consumers. I was less than impressed with the quality, price, and the way the food sat on my stomach. Now I’m back with a review for one of the more popular dinner spots at the park, The Alamo.

Located at the heart of 4th of July, The Alamo is surrounded by rides like the Liberty Launch and the Lewis & Clark Trail, an attraction that sees visitors driving extremely slow go carts modeled after old cars around a set track. Lewis and Clark didn’t have cars. This has nothing to do with the restaurant at hand, but this just infuriates me. What the hell, Holiday World? Go to school. They teach you that shit.

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Review: Doritos Late Night Tacos at Midnight


You know how usually when you grab a bag of Taco flavored chips, they don’t really taste like tacos? Instead they possess a flavor that has been established as the official artificial taco flavor for potato-based snacks? Well those days are over, my friends, and it’s all thanks to Doritos.

The new Late Night Tacos at Midnight flavored Doritos are pure evolution in the most evolutionary manner possible. No longer must we settle for tortilla chips that claim to be the flavor of authentic Mexican cuisine. No longer must we take the lies fed to us in the form of salt and artificial seasoning on top of a corn chip. We now have something to believe in, the future of all snacking. Ladies and gentlemen, this is evolution in the works.

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Review: Beefy 5-Layer Nachos


beefy-5-layer-nachosLoyal readers know I’m a huge fan of Taco Bell’s value menu and with the new 5 and 7-Layer (review soon) nachos there’s even more reason to love value. The 5-Layer nachos are released to the menu as an enhanced version of the already available Triple Layer nachos, which consist of beans, cheese sauce, and red sauce. The 5-Layer nachos adds a three cheese blend of schredded cheese and a scoop of seasoned beef for only 89 cents.

But like all good Taco Bell items (I’m looking at you Volcano Taco and Triple Steak) this is only available for a limited time, so hurry up and read this review and then get your ass out there for some quality time with these nachos. They’ve only got a short time to live.

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