[Food Review] Subway’s Buffalo Chicken Fiery Footlong

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First I want to complain about the guy who made my sandwich. His name was Tony. Tony was new. Tony was very nice. Way too nice. Tony was so nice, he was completely obnoxious. Everything Tony said made me want to punch him in the balls with a knife. Tony had a loose bandage on the back of his neck, one that swayed and flapped in the breeze of the building’s air conditioning unit, spreading a wave of HIV with every flutter. At least Tony smiled, but Tony also had a habit of spitting when he attempted to pronounce certain words. Words like sorry, spit, and sandwich. I forgive you, Tony, for spitting on my sandwich.

Anyway, I got my Buffalo Chicken with Italian Herbs and Cheese bread, provolone cheese, heated instead of toasted, and topped with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions, and ranch dressing. As is usually the case, the toppings were all fresh, the lettuce and cucumber were crispy, and the onions were crunchy.

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[Food Review] Sunchips Monterey Jack and Sundried Tomato

Here’s a portion of David Roshinski’s review on DoesItHitTheSpot.com:

At first when chip hit my tongue, I got a rush of salt pour over my taste buds. This settles quickly as I get a lot of the flavors I mentioned from the smell. As chips go, they use a sun dried tomato powder to season them and the powder almost always contains buttermilk which gives the chips a nice tang. Now as far as the cheese flavor goes that’s where I was confused. Upon tasting the chip I got a really salty cheese flavor, no pun intended.

Monterey jack is more of a mild cheese that has a good flavor but is low on the salt scale. Looking at the package however I read there are many cheese used as seasoning: monterey, cheddar, monterey again, mozzarella, and blue cheese. Wu! That is a lot of cheeses. It is that combination that gave my taste buds some confusion. It still had a great flavor overall with the added nutty and grain flavors on the back part of the mouth after the salt and tang.

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[Food Review] Sunchips (Monterey Jack and Sundried Tomato)

Here’s a portion of David Roshinski’s review on DoesItHitTheSpot.com

It is a chip made from the sun! Ok, no it isn’t, but Sun Chips have been around for a while, and are know as a healthier alternative to the traditional potato chip.

The company, which is under the portfolio of Frito-Lay Inc. in Texas, has teamed up with the sub giant, Subway, to produce an exclusive flavor for all the shops. This is going along side the Subway Fiery Foot Long promotion and all the chip bags contain a game code for it. I recently purchased these to add to the free sub I earned with my Subway points.

The claims on the package are that the chips have a great multigrain taste. I had to agree, the multigrain gives a nutty flavor that is almost as pleasant as the texture it gives. The next claim is each 1 oz. serving has 18g of whole grains which have been known as part of a healthy diet to reduce the risk of heart disease.

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[Mini Review] Subway’s Chicken Marinara Melt

Subways’ new Chicken Marinara is a Five Dollar Footlong available for a limited time only. And that is definitely a good thing. The faster this thing gets off the menu, the better. The Chicken Marinara is quite possibly the single worst sandwich I’ve ever gotten from Subway. The flavors of the sauce and the chicken don’t blend well and the thin slices of chicken breast are incapable of holding a hot temperature. By the time you are halfway done with the thing the bread is soggy, the sauce and meat are cold, and you will be gagging on every disgusting bite.

What a waste of five dollars.