[Energy Drink Review] Sport Energy: Mango Cream

sportmangocreamenergydrinkI was digging through my fridge in an attempt to find something to help wake me up and quench my thirst when I stumbled upon the Mango Cream flavor of Sport Energy. I didn’t even know I had this, but based on the Fruit Punch flavor I reviewed last week I figured it was my safest bet for a decent energy drink.

I opened the can and lifted the vent up to my nose to get a feel for what I was about to drink. I was met with a soft scent which consisted primarily of a soft cream aroma on accompanying a sweet, fruity mango twist. The aroma was obviously artificial, but didn’t have any disgusting chemical burn. It was also surprisingly subtle, and I even had to sniff it a few times to get a proper impression. Continue reading

[Energy Drink Review] Sport Energy: Fruit Punch

sport fruit punch energy drink

Popping to tab on my can of the Fruit Punch flavor of Sport Energy, I noticed a powerfully sweet and absolutely appetizing aroma lingering from the can. Obviously artificial but not overpoweringly so, the sugary scent serves as a good sign of things to come. I was initially scared this would be another terrible drink that I regret pouring into my body, but things are looking up so far.

The first sip yielded a pleasant flavor, artificially flavored but sweetened with real sugar. It made be think of a carbonated Hawaiian Punch more than anything, which is to be expected. The carbonation level is a little high, but after the drink breathes for a few moments it subsides and becomes much more refreshing and drinkable. The only problem I really have with Sport is that it feels really heavy on my stomach, so I couldn’t imagine how it would work for someone trying to use it as a sports drink. Continue reading