Lemon Ice Slap Review on Caffeine Critic!

After an astonishingly impressive experience with Slap: Crisp Apple, which I scored a 9.0/10, I had very high expectations for Lemon Ice. A refreshing lemonade flavor white tea energy drink sounded absolutely perfect. You see, when I drank Lemon Ice, I had just finished up a full shift working as a bagger at my local Kroger grocery store, more specifically I had just completed an hour long cart shift in near 90 degree heat with high humidity and no breeze. Needless to say I was exhausted and thirsty.

When I finally stumbled into my house, I went straight for my mini fridge with only one thing on my mind; Slap Lemon Ice. It was something I had anticipated all day long, and I expected great things.

Sometimes, however, when your expectations are set too high it is easy to be let down.

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Crisp Apple Slap Review on Caffeine Critic

I am very picky when it comes to my energy drinks, and I like to consider myself to be fairly critical when reviewing them. So when I award a drink an overall score of 9.0/10 and hand it a perfect 10 for a subcriterion, you know something is up. Slap Crisp Apple is an awesome drink that you shouldn’t be missing out on, so head on over to the Everyview Network’s Caffeine Critic for the full review on what has become one of my favorite energy drinks of all time.

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[Energy Drink Review] Slap Juicy: Tropical Energy + Juice

slap juicy tropicalI’ve been digging through my fridge a lot lately in an attempt to satisfy my urge for energy without emptying my wallet. This morning I woke up to get started on my seven hours worth of homework which I had 6 hours to complete, blindly stuck my hand in my mini fridge, and pulled out a green can of Slap Juicy: Tropical.

I love saying Slap Juicy.

Slap Juicy, slap juicy, slap juicy. Haha. It sounds more like a sloppy sex position than an energy drink. Continue reading