[Movie Review] Anitchrist

Warning: Review may contain spoilers.

I am well aware that no one who visits this site regularly gives a shit about the obscure movies I review. So knowing what a colossal waste of time such critiques are, it serves me well only to write them when dealing with movies which truly evoke a strong emotional reaction out of me.

Antichrist, to say the least, is such a film.

Plot Outline:

During a bout of passionate sex, a therapist (Willem Dafoe) and his writer wife (Charlotte Gainsbourg) shut off the baby monitor to their young son’s room so as not to be disturbed. Things turn tragic when the precocious kid falls to his death from an open window.

After she collapses at the funeral, the therapist decides to take it upon himself to help his wife work through her grief by taking her to a deep woods cabin called Eden (get it?) where she spent the previous summer with her son working on a thesis paper about women through history, and whether they are intrinsically evil or simply misunderstood. Naturally, things turn ugly. Continue reading

[Pointless Review] Revolving Doors


I’m feeling the need to break from my normal routine of writing boring reviews in hopes of doing something that could be perceived as interesting. So to do this, I turned to the old trick of drugging myself up in hopes I would be able to formulate some quality scribing in my altered state of mind.

Unfortunately, my lack of money mixed with what could be considered to be a “wussy” lifestyle has limited me in terms of what drugs I had in my possession. The best I could do was to shove Kroger brand “Sleep Aid” down my gullet and let the old idea wheel turn. Here’s hoping I’ve stumbled onto something.

So anyway, let’s talk about revolving doors. Continue reading

This Is Why You Should Be Watching “Breaking Bad.”

About a month-and-a-half back, I reviewed the DVD “Breaking Bad: The Complete First Season” and praised it as the best and most original new show on television. Well, it turns outĀ  Season One was only the launching point, as Season Two, which airs on the AMC network at 10 on Sundays, is taking theĀ  insanity of the first go-around and pushing to even further degrees of twisted brilliance.

To enhance my argument, I have included a YouTube clip from the show’s most recent episode. When watching it, you will likely either share in the awe I felt while watching, or feel I am some sort of sadist who made you watch one of the most unpleasantly demented things you have ever seen. Regardless, I guarantee that you have never seen anything like this before, and if it helps get more people into the show, fantastic. Enjoy.