[Movie Review] Due Date (2010)

It happens all the time.

An actor transforms himself from an unknown whatever into a juggernaut, with every possible movie yearning for his skills. The new hot name on the comedy block is Zach Galifianakis.

The bearded wonder has been appearing in film after film since the immense success of the amazingly raucous The Hangover, and in 2010’s Due Date, Galifianakis is reunited with director Todd Phillips in what would appear to be another R-rated romp with the male species. Continue reading

[Movies] The Beatles Biopic Finally Has A Cast!

In recent years, films chronicling the good and bad times of musicians have been lighting up┬áthe movie theater. Everyone from Ray Charles to Johnny Cash to Bob Dylan. With the recent release of their Rock Band and insane global popularity, it’s time The Beatles received the Silver Screen Treatment, and it was recently announced that the Liverpool Lads had finally been cast for their upcoming film directed by Sam Mendes. John Lennon will be played by Jim Carrey, Paul McCartney by Forest Whitaker, George Harrison by Robert Downey Jr., and Ringo Starr by Jason Bateman. The film is scheduled to begin shooting toward the end of 2010.

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