[Energy Review] Encaff Energy Stix (Black Cherry Flavor)

encaffenergystixEveryview has seen a pretty wide variety of Energy products. Energy drinks, energy shots, energy powders, energy patches, energy chocolate, energy mints, and now Energy Stix. The self-proclaimed Next Generation of Energy bares a lot in common with an Energy Powder drink mix, but it completely eliminates the need for mixing with any substance, and is instead consumed simply by pouring it directly onto your tongue. Think of it as a caffeinated, energizing Pixie Stick.

Sounds pretty neat, huh? Let’s see how this concept performs in execution.

When ripping the top off of my first packet, my nose was met with a sweet, though heavily artificial fruity sensation. Very reminiscent of Kool-Aid, the aroma quickly got my mouth to water. Still, scents can be very deceiving so I decided to proceed with caution. Continue reading