[Energy Review] Nuclear Energy Powder (All Three Flavors)

I’ve had an energy powder before in the form of Encaff Energy Stix, and if you read my review for those you know that it didn’t turn out very well. In fact it turned out horribly. That was one of the worst Energy Drink alternatives I’ve ever had, and haven’t been willing to taste an energy powder since then.

However, when the folks at Harcos Labs hit me up with an offer to try their newest concoctions, I couldn’t resist. These are the guys behind the Mana, Health, and Blood energy potions, so I had trusted them enough to give me something that hopefully wouldn’t kill me. And if it did I had my fingers crossed that they would release some type of Life Energy Potion next.

At any rate, here’s our review for the line of Nuclear Energy Powders. Continue reading

[Energy Review] Uranium Energy Powder (Yellow Cake)

Yes, you red the title right. Uranium is a member of the Nuclear Energy family of caffeinated candy powders, and it is easily the most awesomely flavored energy product I’ve ever come across. I mean, who doesn’t just love cake? It’s delicious!

But you already knew how awesome cake was. What you may not know is how awesome a cake-flavored energy powder actually is. Which I don’t understand. It’s caffeine-infused candy powder that tastes like cake. Continue reading

[Energy Review] Radium Energy Powder (Raspberry Lemonade)

Radium is one of three flavors from a line of caffeinated candy dust called Nuclear Energy Powder. We’ve got all three flavors to review, so we’re going to handle this like we did with the Nitrous Monsters. First we’ll publish our individual reviews for each flavor, then a review for the line of products as a whole, while links to each flavor’s review.

The reason I’m doing Radium (Raspberry Lemonade) first is because it’s the most normal sounding flavor of the three, with the other two being Pear (Plutonium) and Yellow Cake (Uranium). Yeah, that’s right. Energy Powder flavored like effing cake. Continue reading