[Tech Review] Zune HD

I’m willing to bet that 93% of the people reading this have an iPod, some variation, for their primary MP3 player. 5.5% probably have some cheaper alternative that they bought because it was all they could afford, but likely wish they had an iPod. Another 1% of people may use their phone for an MP3 player. .3% of you might still use some archaic portable¬† player. .2% might not even listen to music at all.

But what about that remaining .1%? These people might use the Zune or Zune HD. I’m sure a good amount of the people reading this are thinking about buying a Zune HD because they refuse to support Apple but want a solid music player, and just need a few opinions to make that final decision for them. Allow me to help. Continue reading

[Music Review] Marcy Playground “MP3”

marcyplayground mp3Overview:

Five years would come and go before Marcy Playground would release a follow-up effort to their 1999 album, “Shapeshifter.”¬† Marcy Playground’s 3rd studio album, titled “MP3,” was highly anticipated by fans, despite the fact that the band would not deliver a tour to support or hype the album’s release. Couple that with the fact that there was virtually no radio air time for any of the four released singles and it’s easy to see why this album is almost virtually unknown to anyone who isn’t a die-hard Marcy fan. Continue reading