[Energy Drink Review] …Lost: Cadillac

Thanks to the ridiculously pointless description on the back of the can, I know nothing about Cadi’s flavor. A peak at the ingredients yields “natural and artificial flavors,” which also tells me a whole lot of nothing. I have no idea what the flavor is supposed to be. This being true, I must rely entirely on my senses. A quick whiff from the nicely decorated green can projects a sweet, sour, and salty aroma, likely lime and a few other citrus flavors. It smells pretty good, if not a little on the salty side.

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[TV Review] Lost-“The End”

Everything that can be said about the television juggernaut Lost has been said before, and recently, in great frequency. The show concluded its epic six season run on Sunday, May 23rd with a 2.5 hour finale event. These are my thoughts on it.

It’s tough to talk about Lost without theorizing about what happened, what should have happened, what could’ve happened, etc. I wrote this final episode in my mind a dozen times, but the final product exceeded my expectations more than I’d anticipated. And it’s because it wasn’t filled with things I saw coming, it wasn’t only filled with answers to the many island related questions that have been posed since 2004. Continue reading

[T.V. Review] Lost: The Final Season Premiere

Few shows achieve what Lost has been able to achieve. Not only does the show do gangbusters in ratings and have a freakishly devoted set of die-hard fans, but also has proven to be one of the best shows that has ever graced American Television. Hi, I’m Andrew, and I’m a Lostaholic.

My addiction to the show has only developed in the last year. I resisted because I was sure the show was all hype, a product of a lot of people wanting something to be awesome AND good at the same time. But it’s not hype at all. This show delivers week in and week out, and nothing proves that more than Tuesday nights Premiere Event on ABC. I’m glad I waited until the first four seasons were available on DVD, because otherwise I don’t think I could’ve handled the anticipation between episodes, because this show finds a way to wow you during every episode. Continue reading

Review: …Lost Energy Drink


Lost Enterprises is actually a surf board company, which may surprise some since they’ve churned out several stellar drinks. But don’t be fooled my friends, Lost didn’t achieve its reputation of producing delicious energy drinks on its own. The folks over at Monster were actually the ones who concocted this killer series of drinks, which easily explains everything from the original flavor and sensational aroma to the powerful kick.

Straight from the can:

From the garages of San Clemente in Southern California, where you can surf, skate and snowboard in the same day, came …Lost Enterprises. Lost grew into a super mega multi-conglomerate corporation and in our pathological obsession of global domination, we decided to formulate a drink to hypnotize the minds of the masses… Actually, that’s not true. If you’re gonna surf, skate and snowboard all in the same day, you’ll need some energy to go out and party afterwards. Most energy drinks suck, so we had the crew at MONSTER make us one that actually works, tastes good and mixes even better. …Lost Energy Drink, a bad influence from …Lost Enterprises.

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