[Casual Anniversary Celebration] The Day I Met Jeff Mangum

One year ago, this happened:

To clarify, I did not experience the happenings of the video above in person. I did however experience the same performer performing the same song in the same fashion in Bloomington, Indiana the following night. Unfortunately, the performance I witnessed first hand was never made readily available on any internet site I have come across. But enough semantics, it’s time to get into why the contents of this video are so important. Continue reading

[Music News] Stream Jeff Mangum’s “Starlit Crypt” on Pitchfork

jittery_lgFor those of you unfamiliar with the music of Jeff Mangum, he was the musical force behind indie music heroes Neutral Milk Hotel in the 90’s. At the risk of overselling his brilliance, he is literally the closest thing I have ever had to a personal messiah.

After achieving cult icon status after the release of his band’s 1998 masterpiece “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea,” Mangum disappeared and hasn’t recorded a new studio album since. He did however return last fall, performing his song “Engine” on a tour dubbed “The Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour.” I was lucky enough to witness one of these performances and I can say the experience was more orgasmic than every orgasm I have ever had put together. Continue reading