[Tech Review] Zune HD

I’m willing to bet that 93% of the people reading this have an iPod, some variation, for their primary MP3 player. 5.5% probably have some cheaper alternative that they bought because it was all they could afford, but likely wish they had an iPod. Another 1% of people may use their phone for an MP3 player. .3% of you might still use some archaic portable¬† player. .2% might not even listen to music at all.

But what about that remaining .1%? These people might use the Zune or Zune HD. I’m sure a good amount of the people reading this are thinking about buying a Zune HD because they refuse to support Apple but want a solid music player, and just need a few opinions to make that final decision for them. Allow me to help. Continue reading

[Game Review] Trenches (iPhone)

System: iPhone
Thunder Game Works
Thunder Game Works

If you’re anything like me, that is you spend tremendous amounts of time playing flash games at school/work, you might have come across the game Warfare 1917. Trenches takes a lot of cues from the popular flash game and strips down the gameplay to make a simple, enjoyable World War I strategy game for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Continue reading

[Tech News] The Potential of the iPad

Recently at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts, Apple hosted a press conference specifically for the newly announced, but highly criticized iPad. I saw a picture of it and honestly saw what I expected to see. Then I read about its hardware, and especially about its OS. Of course I was one of the people who quickly judged the iPad and criticized it for practically being a large iPod touch.

However, then I started to rationally think about Apple as a company and started to brainstorm on them in retrospect. Before you continue to be let down with the iPad, let’s state some facts. Apple is well known for the fact that it seems to come out with a new generation of its hardware of every type every few months it seems, save the iPhone which is coming at us annually. This has got to be one of the most diabolic but clever plans I have ever seen a company come up with. It is an amazing way to continually get money over time. I remember when the iPod Nano was released and it was a huge success. Now about ten generations and millions of dollars later the iPod Nano has evolved into a versatile video camera, photo album, calender, simple gaming machine and music/video player, when all it sprouted from was a an MP3 player. Continue reading

Review: iPhone 3G

Well its long over due but here it is. The iPhone 3G review. I got it what, like more than 2 months ago?


As everyone knows, the iPhone 3G is probably the worlds most famous smartphone currently available. It is held on the AT&T service, designed by Apple in California. The 8GB version runs for $199 and the 16GB version runs for $299. There are many features that the iPhone supports that come as a standard for most mainstream smartphones. The phone supports multi-touch touchscreen capabilities, obvious 3G support, 2.0 Megapixel camera without video recording, GPS, web browser, wifi, Bluetooth, and email support. Oh, and you get the application store for free.

Continue reading