[Drink Review] Bossa Nova: Goji Berry with Tart Cherry

A while back I posted a review for my first ever Bossa Nova drink, and I was very impressed with it. So impressed in fact, that instead of drinking the rest of the samples Bossa Nova sent me, I instead stocked up on the Mangosteen flavor I reviewed, and have been drinking that until today, when I finally ran out.

Now I’m moving on to the next flavor, carefully chosen by blindly grabbing around inside of my mini fridge and taking out the first one I touched, Goji Berry with Tart Cherry. I was actually pretty disappointed with my selection, only because I was in a very Blueberry-y mood. Oh well, there’s nothing I could’ve done about it.

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[Energy Drink Review] Vuka: Workout (Berry Lemonade)

Workout is the last flavor of the Vuka family of functional energy drinks. All of the other flavors — Awaken, Think and Renew — have been granted scores of 8.0, 8.1, and 9.0, respectively, here on Everyview. Workout was the one I wanted to hold off on until I got a gym membership so that I could effectively test it out.

Well, I got that membership and I finally put Vuka’s Workout formula to the test. I walked in to my gym, Nintendo themed messenger bag thrown over my shoulder, a pair of Reebok Reezigs on my feet, a can of Vuka: Workout in my hands, and a burning desire to get swole (whatever the hell that means). Continue reading

[Energy Drink Review] eFusjon Edge

eFusjonEdgeStraight from the Can:

The all natural, antioxidant, acai berry energy drink with caffeine is finally here. It offers remarkable taste, packs temendous energy, and delivers health and vitality! Whether you’re 18 or 80. Efusjon’s “EDGE”, is a delicious energy drink that gives your body exactly what it needs to thrive throughout the day! We have brought together the energy packed acai berry, many other nutrients, and caffeine to give you just the healthy boost you are looking for.

So start your day with the delicious, nutritious energy your body and taste buds will crave! Cheers!

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[Food Review] Salsa Fresca Rice Works Crisps

riceworkssalsafrescaAlright, so by appearance I may be just your regular everyday mildly overweight greasy college student who, by habit, munches on nothing other than slippery burgers, tacos pumped full of over-salted beef and cheese-like sauce, and fries that drip grease and fat like an orphan sheds tears.

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