[Games] Take a Ride in the PokeVan

It really is quite amazing what you can accomplish at two o’clock in the morning when you’ve got a backpack full of spray paint, a trashy multicolored van, and an itchy case of PokeFever. Creating this gorgeous work of art took about three hours, and it was totally worth it.

The majority of the art was done by my good friend Zack McDonald, with highlights and accents added by yours truly, and the trashy van was provided by Thomas Campbell.

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[Energy Drink Review] All City NRG

All CityStraight from the Can:

Going ‘All City” means going all out. All City is a term used to describe New York street artists who have made their mark in all five boroughs. Originating in Brooklyn, AriZona pays tribut to the passion & creativity of these artists with a bold, new, energy-infused beverage for the ‘City that never sleeps.’ Keep moving. All day. All night. All City.

This authentic Limited Edition can has been designed by acclaimed artists, Vincent “Fact One” Ficarra of Mpire, as part of a “Subway Series.” Collect them all.

Is All City the real deal, or is it just a toy? It’s review time!

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