PackRat Paragraphs: Flask Belt Buckle

I was at the mall the other day looking for some new belt buckles to add to my awesome collection and stumbled upon two that I found to be absolutely amazing. The first one is the one listed here, and the other, way cooler buckle will be the feature of next week’s PackRat Paragraphs.

Flask Belt Buckle

Yeah, it’s a freakin’ flask for a belt buckle. Well, the buckle itself is actually just a slot for the flask, that way you don’t have to take your belt off and risk losing your pants just for a drink. It only holds about a shot of… apple juice anyway which renders it no more than a mere novelty, but it’s a totally awesome novelty.  There were other, bigger flask buckles as well but this one was on clearance for 5 bucks as opposed to 20 and it does the same job. It’s held into place with two magnets on the bottom of the holder so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

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