[Concert Review] Explosions in the Sky at The Ogden Theatre


Almost seven years ago when Everyview was first getting started, I penned a review for an Explosions in the Sky concert at the Congress Theatre in Chicago. It was my first time seeing the band and they blew my mind.

Last year at Denver’s Riot Fest and Rodeo, I finally got the chance to see them for a second time. I had a significantly better view right up at the stage this time, but one couldn’t help but notice the technical difficulties being endured by guitarist Munaf Rayani throughout their set. They were still great, but it didn’t quite match the flawlessness of the Congress show. Shit like that happens at festivals, and I definitely don’t hold it against the band. Continue reading

[Concert Review] Explosions in the Sky: Live in Chicago


explosions in the skyThere comes a time in a man’s life when he discovers a band who’s music chills him to the core. Each note they strike seems perfectly timed, perfectly orchestrated, and perfectly epic. Explosions in the Sky is one of those bands.

As soon as I heard they were going to be performing in Chicago, I knew I had to make the trip. There are only a handful of bands I had on my “Must See Live” list, and Explosions were right near the top of that list. Having listened to them since I discovered they were behind the chilling score for “Friday Night Lights,” I knew their live show would be both enigmatic and intense.

And it did not disappoint. Continue reading