Bad Girl Turbo Energy Shot, Reviewed on Caffeine Critic!

I hesitated before slamming this stuff back. I mean, if I swallow this “Bad Girl,” I’m swallowing every one she’s ever been with. What if she has something? To help myself feel a little bit better about this, I ran to the Circle K gas station and bought a banana flavored condom out of the bathroom dispenser, ran back home and slipped it on. I’m not sure if it’s on properly, but it smells really good. I wonder what it tastes like…

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Apple Slam Headshot: Mega Energy Shot Reviewed on Caffeine Critic!

I’ve had this shot for a few months now, sitting on top of my mini fridge and gathering dust. I came across it earlier today while I was doing a bit of Spring Cleaning, and it fell out from under a pile of old porno magazines and Taco Bell wrappers. I was up late last night and was feeling a bit drowsy, so I wiped off the hand lotion and Fire Sauce that the tomb of trash it had been encased within for God knows how long and figured it couldn’t do any harm. I really needed the boost.

I really hope this thing doesn’t have an expiration date.

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[Energy Shot Review] Mr. Energy 8-Hour Shot


8hourshotWhen it comes to energy shots, five hours is usually the accepted amount of time a boost should last. But why? Work shifts aren’t five hours. School days aren’t five hours. Why settle for around half of what you want when there is a product out there that can give you exactly what you need.

Ladies and gentlemen, the 8-Hour Energy Shot, formulated to last all day long with no traceable crash. Can this little bottle really deliver on such huge promises? We’re about to find out, because it’s review time! Continue reading