[Energy Drink Review] eFusjon Edge

eFusjonEdgeStraight from the Can:

The all natural, antioxidant, acai berry energy drink with caffeine is finally here. It offers remarkable taste, packs temendous energy, and delivers health and vitality! Whether you’re 18 or 80. Efusjon’s “EDGE”, is a delicious energy drink that gives your body exactly what it needs to thrive throughout the day! We have brought together the energy packed acai berry, many other nutrients, and caffeine to give you just the healthy boost you are looking for.

So start your day with the delicious, nutritious energy your body and taste buds will crave! Cheers!

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[Energy Shot Review] Mr. Energy 8-Hour Shot


8hourshotWhen it comes to energy shots, five hours is usually the accepted amount of time a boost should last. But why? Work shifts aren’t five hours. School days aren’t five hours. Why settle for around half of what you want when there is a product out there that can give you exactly what you need.

Ladies and gentlemen, the 8-Hour Energy Shot, formulated to last all day long with no traceable crash. Can this little bottle really deliver on such huge promises? We’re about to find out, because it’s review time! Continue reading

[Energy Drink Review] G Pure Energy: Lulo Lime (Zero Calories)


Some of the greatest things you’ll ever do in your life are natural. Nudity is the first thing that comes to my mind, but some people think that having a natural and healthy diet and lifestyle can be the most rewarding thing out there. They’ve obviously never ran through the public park naked.

So for those of you who are afraid to tear off your boxers and show off what your momma (or God, depending on your religious views) gave you, there are drinks like G Pure Energy, a zero calorie energy drink that is formulated to give you a kick in the pants (unless you don’t wear pants, like myself) without the diabetes.

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[Energy Drink Review] Guru Juicy: Tangerine


I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with organic energy drinks. I’ve also had some very bearable experiences with organic energy drinks. I can’t honestly say, sadly, that I’ve ever had a good or enjoyable experience with an organic energy drink.

So given my past experiences with organic drinks I was approaching this beverage expecting the worst but hoping for something that wouldn’t suck. Honestly, my expectations for Guru were much higher than with any other organic drink I’ve had thanks to the brand’s reputation for making decent drinks.

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[Energy Drink Review] Nitrous Monster: Anti Gravity


Anti Gravity has a powerfully fruity aroma that tickles your nostrils and gets your mouth watering in anticipation. The scent is clearly pineapple, possibly with a little mango and citrus undertones, but I’m not sure. The aroma seems very natural, with little chemical help to achieve the lovely pineapple aroma. But while the scent is delicious, it strongly reminds me of several other drinks on the market, primarily Monster’s own M-80. Continue reading

[Energy Drink Review] Nitrous Monster: Killer-B


Killer-B is the only flavor of Nitrous Monster with a name that I understand. The can is decorated with a honeycomb design, it’s called Killer-B, it is obviously honey flavored. Knowing this when leaning in to take a first whiff, I was almost taken aback when I actually picked up the aroma. It is absolutely nothing like I had expected. Instead of smelling powerfully sweet and primarily of honey, like I had expected, I was treated to a rather delicious light, aromatic aroma that reminded me of a crisp tea flavored lightly with honey. Very delicious, but definitely not what I was expecting. Continue reading

[Energy Drink Review] Nitrous Monster: Super Dry


Popping the cap off of the can of Super Dry, you will be immediately met with an absolutely delicious aroma. And I mean it is fantastic. Perfect. And I’m not kidding. Super Dry is the first product I’ve ever reviewed that scores a perfect 10 in the aroma department. It’s a strong lime scent with a perfect balance between sweet and sour. After opening a can of Super Dry, I literally put my nose inside of the opening to breath for the next several minutes. It is really unbelievably delicious, and I often times buy this flavor just for the scent. Continue reading

[Energy Drink Review] X-Presso Monster: Hammer

xpressomonsterhammerStraight from the Can:

All over Europe they’ve got these cool little coffee shops that serve killer espresso with creamy foam on top. Our madman in R&D figured out how to get that same smooth texture by injecting potent imported espresso with Nitrous Oxide. The we up’d the ante by adding out “tried and true” Monster energy blend.

X-PRESSO MONSTER has a rich creamy texture, imported espresso flavor, and a Monster buzz that just won’t quit. Made in Holland but only available in the USA. What a country…

X-Press yourself!

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Review: Verve! Energy Supplement


Before we get started, let’s make one thing clear. There is an absolutely huge difference between energy drinks and energy supplements. Energy drinks are made to be delicious beverages with loads of sugar and artificial sweeteners to tickle your taste buds whereas energy supplements are meant to supply you with energy without killing your kidneys in the process.

vemma-vere-energy-drinkVerve supplement is from the same people that created the ultra-powerful, award winning antioxidant juice known as Vemma, and contains the same beneficial ingredients plus a few extras to give you an energetic boost. Verve sponsors several major league sport teams and is highly enjoyed and recommended by athletes all over America.

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(Review) Venom Energy: Death Adder


Since its introduction to the market, Venom Energy Drink has grown into a respectable and worthy contender in the race for energy drink supremacy. They very quickly went from being a 3rd party underdog to heavy hitter and, building on the success of the original and lo-carb flavors is the new Death Adder, a sparkling punch flavored energy drink.

Straight from the can:

When you want piercing energy and instinctively quick reflexes, you need the cold-blooded Venom of the Death Adder, delivered in a fruit punch strike.

The Venom Potency Pack has a powerful does of taurine, glucuronolactone, L-carnitine and guarana, giving it piercing energy that strikes back.

Try saying glucuronolactone out loud with out sounding like an idiot.

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