[Energy Drink Review] Java Monster Lo-Ball

A portion of a Caffeine Critic review.

Drinking Lo-Ball was a bit of a roller coaster experience. I went into it expecting very little, my expecations were risen by the delicious aroma and then beaten down by the gross taste. In the end I just sort of quit caring, as I’m sure you can tell by the brevity of this review. The bottom line is this: Lo-Ball is a below average energy coffee, but if you’re a calorie counting maniac who needs energy coffee, this might be your only choice.

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Caramel Kick Energy Coffee Review on Caffeine Critic!

I recently reviewed Adina: Vanilla Nut Case, an entirely organic coffee energy drink that proved to be a pleasant departure from the life of chemicals and artificial flavors I have chosen to lead. In fact, while Vanilla Nut Case only managed a score of 7.43/10 (Good), it still influenced me to try another product from Adina. So I ran out and hunted down today’s drink, a can of Adina: Caramel Kick.

Though I can confirm right away I am going to have the same gripes about the lack of value, which is what drug Vanilla Nut Case’s score down, I am hoping that I find the same quality of aroma and ingredients, maybe even a better flavor with Caramel Kick.

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Starbucks Doubleshot Energy+Coffee Giveaway Winners Announced!

It’s officially time to announce the five winners of our Starbucks Doubleshot Energy+Coffee Giveaway. They are as follows:

  1. DG
  2. Jessica Jones
  3. Lisette
  4. Jessica!
  5. Chris Hauger

Winners will be sent emails shortly informing them of what they need to do to claim their prizes. And for those of you who didn’t win, I assure you the selection process wasn’t meant to be personal, it was simply a random drawing.

Thanks again for all who entered.