[Game Review] Battlefield: Bad Company (XBox 360)

System: XBox 360 (Also on PS3)
Developer: DICE Studios
Pulbisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: FPS

In a time dominated by Call of Duty, Battlefield: Bad Company brings something to the First Person Shooter table. With the launch of its sequel only hours away, I figured I would give you folks a taste of what was, and of what can be expected. Bad Company delivers in many areas that other FPS games don’t, namely, environment. When you get in the game, I urge you, take a look around at a building or tree and SHOOT at it.

Trees come down, windows break, grenades will BLOW UP WALLS! Artillery and tank rounds will leave smoldering craters where people once were and buildings will crumble. The game brings a fantastic sense of realism on the virtual battlefield by allowing both the player and AI to change the playing field at almost any time. This leads up to one of my major gripes about Bad Company, namely in the single player area, and that is AI. Continue reading

[Game Review] Trivial Pursuit (Wii)

System: Wii (Also on: Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, iPhone)
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Board Game/Trivia

Few games capture the desire for people to show off exactly how intelligent they are like board game staple Trivial Pursuit. The game is both simple and complex all at once, as you circle a spoked wheel game board acquiring pieces that encompass a variety of subjects. With this game, you can truly prove just how many obscure books or 3 AM History Channel specials you’ve watched.

When I stumbled across a version for the Wii, I was incredibly curious and not just because I have a kitten that enjoys swatting any and all game pieces from a board at every crucial moment. But because I have actually had a good experience with board game based video games. Ironically, it’s the exact opposite of film based video games, in that the developers keep the heart of the game true to the base of the board game. Continue reading

Mass Effect 2

System: Xbox 360, PC
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: RPG

One month after stopping a race of large sentient machines from wiping out all life in the known universe Commander Shepard is used as a figurehead for humanity and subsequently put on bitch missions to kick the last of the Geth in their robotic nads. This is where Mass Effect 2 begins, and where one hell of a ride starts.

Mass Effect 2, from the start, is a major upgrade from the trilogy’s start. The game has a fresh feel, while still keeping very close in the realm of Mass Effect. Many, many changes have been made to the sequel, both good and bad in my opinion. The story has the same idea as ME1, but with several changes. The opening of the game has you scrambling to save Joker (Seth Green), everyone’s favorite crippled, wise talking pilot, as a menacing ship appears out of hyperspace and begins an assault. The end of the opening cinematic has Shepard floating through space, suit badly damaged, and oxygen failing. The crew escapes as Shepard is seen on a crash course with a nearby planet, thus Mass Effect 2 begins. Continue reading

Third Party Woes on Wii – Who’s to Blame?

Recently the president of EA said finding success on the Wii was “confounding”. I found this statement rather confounding myself due to various reasons. This seems to be a common thing with third parties on Wii. Many publishers are hesitant to put forth big budget content since it’s failed them in the past. That’s a self-fulfilling prophecy if I ever heard one.

Firstly, third parties have no one to blame but themselves. Answered that question quickly, didn’t I? They were the ones who created the current market on Wii by filling it with garbage. What games that aren’t garbage they produce get limited marketing and next to no commercials. Again, compare the marketing of the “biggest” Wii third party game, The Conduit, with the marketing of Rogue Warrior, a B-level action game for the HD consoles. Rogue Warrior has received much more of a push. What games deserve to sell on Wii? Little King’s Story? Muramasa? Dead Space: Extraction? Maybe. But which ones received proper advertising? Oh, yes. None of them. So none of them “deserved” to sell. Quality can only do you so much in the games business.

Read the rest of this fantastic entry on SuperPhillip Central.

[Game Review] The Godfather: Blackhand Edition (Wii)

the-godfather-blackhand-editionSystem: Wii
Developer: EA Redwood Shores Studio
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Adventure

The thought of The Godfather as a video game initially scared the bejeezus out of me. Too often games are based on movies, and they SUCK. I’ve played too many shitty Spider-Man games, along with The Da Vinci Code (which is the WORST game I’ve ever played) and I’ve always felt conned. They got me interested so easily, by basing a game on a character or storyline I could have expectations for. And they always let me down. Not so with The Godfather.

What they do with The Godfather is take the rough outline of the story you’re familiar with,  then change it up to better suit the gaming experience. You get to create your avatar, and develop it into someone the Corleone family can trust and rely on. And it’s quite fun to work your way up the ranks. You start off as some street punk eager to make a name for yourself, and then you end up doing jobs with Sonny, working with Michael, really cementing yourself within the Corleone family. Continue reading

[Game Review] Dead Space (Xbox 360)

deadspaceboxSystem: Xbox 360 (Also on PS3, PC)
Developer: Visceral Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Action/Horror

It’s Halloween, and that means it’s time to go to a haunted house or two, go trick or treating, and play scary video games. There are a lot of games out there that try to scare you, and a lot (if not most) of them suck.  Dead Space on the other hand, is one of the few games that manages to do this all too well.

This survival horror game for the Xbox 360 was released in October of last year, and received mostly overwhelmingly positive feedback. You may have already read Zac’s review of the prequel on the Nintendo Wii. If you haven’t, check it out here. Considering that it’s been a whole year, you might be wondering “Is it it still worth playing?” You bet your sweaty buttocks it is. If you want a game that will get your heart pounding, your jaw dropping, and your pants soaked, look no further. Continue reading

[Game Review] Dead Space Extraction (Wii)

System: Wii (Exclusive)
Developer: Visceral/Eurocom
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Rail Shooter

I never played the original Dead Space on 360/PS3. It’s not that had no interest in the game, because I definitely did. I drooled at tons of screenshots, lustfully watched plenty of gameplay footage, and read a good amount of reviews. Everything I saw or read about the game definitely tickled my fancy, but for some reason I just never bought or rented it.

So when Dead Space Extraction, the Wii-Exclusive prequel, was announced I had very little interest in the game. Once it was revealed that the title would serve as a spooky and atmospheric On Rails Shooter, my ears perked up and I began developing an interest while the majority of Wii gamers scoffed at the Light Gun Style gameplay, calling it inferior and assuming it would be boring.

Wrong. Continue reading

[Game News] Need For Speed Nitro Wii Trailer

I just watched this over on IGN and had to share it with you guys. For those of you who don’t know, Need For Speed Nitro is a Nintendo-exclusive addition to the popular Need For Speed series. Nitro features an awesome art style, gorgeous visuals, funky music, and heavily arcade-inspired gameplay which are all showcased in this trailer.

Review: Mirror’s Edge (Xbox 360)

Here is the First Trailer that was released.


When I heard about this game coming out a while ago it kind of made a fire inside of me. I love free running, if I could do anything in the world without the training, it would be either become a Super Saiyan or a free runner. That’s why I was excited. Free Running, or parkour, is an underground sport that a lot of people overlook. Running from building to building would give me the thrill I need to wake up in the morning, instead I just write reviews for Zac. Dice, who are actually well known in the gaming community as the developers of the Battlefield series, decided to break away from the norm and put everything on the line. Continue reading