Ragin’ Cajun and Tangy Ranch Cheetos Review

cheetos reviewHere’s a portion of a review for Ragin’ Cajun and Tangy Ranch Mighty Zingers Cheetos:

Throwing two different flavors into a single bag and calling it a day is certainly nothing new, as Doritos has been doing it forever with their Collisions line of chips. For Cheetos however, the idea of any flavor of snack crisp other than cheese or some variable of it seems ludicrous. That’s why New Cheetos Mighty Zingers caught my eye when they first came out some number of months ago. Sadly, they’ve been sitting in my locker at work ever since.

Luckily for you guys, I found them today (along with probably three other bags of chips, a box of cereal, some instant oatmeal, a bottle of honey, and a pair of women’s panties) and decided it was high time to give them a review. I really wish I could think of some clever joke to tell you right now, and throw a prominent “ZING!!!” onto the end of it, but unfortunately all I’ve got is a knock knock joke. Want to hear it? Read on, hungry reader.


Knock knock

I eat mop

EWWW!!! That’s gross! I can’t believe you eat your own poo!


Pretty good, huh?

Read the full review over at Does it Hit the Spot?.

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