[Concert Review] Explosions in the Sky at The Ogden Theatre


Almost seven years ago when Everyview was first getting started, I penned a review for an Explosions in the Sky concert at the Congress Theatre in Chicago. It was my first time seeing the band and they blew my mind.

Last year at Denver’s Riot Fest and Rodeo, I finally got the chance to see them for a second time. I had a significantly better view right up at the stage this time, but one couldn’t help but notice the technical difficulties being endured by guitarist Munaf Rayani throughout their set. They were still great, but it didn’t quite match the flawlessness of the Congress show. Shit like that happens at festivals, and I definitely don’t hold it against the band. Continue reading

[Concert Review] I Fight Dragons, Whole Wheat Bread, and MC Chris Live in Bloomington, IN

rhinosRhino’s was the place to be Monday night with  a thirteen dollar triple threat consisting of Chicago’s premiere Nintendo centric rock band, I Fight Dragons, Jacksonville Florida’s own dirty south punk band Whole Wheat Bread, and the nerdcore giant MC Chris!

We arrived at 7:30, the doors opened at 7:00, and the first band took the stage at 8:00, giving a good deal of time to meander around, check merch out and scope the local crowd. As eight approached, the stage was flooded with NES controllers, dance pads and a group of guys (and girls) wearing Justice League shirts. The group in question was I Fight Dragons, the Chicago based band with a pension for all things Nintendo and DC Comics. Continue reading

[Concert Review] Kings of Leon: Live at Verizon Wireless in Noblesville, IN

You might be asking yourself, “A Kings of Leon concert? Really?”

Yes, really. I’m a big fan of their’s, and just because they happen to have a song on pop music stations now doesn’t really bother me. I don’t see them as a band who sold out (yet). Sure, they could eventually hit Nickelback or Kid Rock status at some point, but I doubt that ever happens. They have a distinctive sound, and I dig it.

Anyhoo, I headed up to Noblesville, Indiana to catch the show with my girlfriend and a couple friends. First of all, it had been a few years since I’d been up there for a show (2005, I believe), and I was very excited to see the area around the amphitheater has undergone a massive face lift in those years and that traffic was not suicide inducing (at least, not on the way in. More on that later). Continue reading

Wilco: Live in Bloomington, IN (Review)


wilcoDescribing Alternative/Rock/Kind-of Country-ish band Wilco to someone who has never listened to them can prove to be quite the difficult task, as I found out when my Nickelback listening co-workers replied to me that they had never so much as heard of the fantastic Chicago-based band.  They aren’t exactly a “radio-friendly” band, especially in my area. But, over the last number of years, Wilco has been gaining quite a semi-underground following as a groovy band that produces original and award-winning music.  And on April 16th, 2009, I was given the opportunity to watch this band perform live, and I have to be honest when I say that they put on a very enjoyable show. Continue reading