[Candy Review] Mint Rocket Chocolate

Cue Rocket Man music
Out there… flying through the air. Red Bull gives you wings? This stuff known as Rocket Chocolate is supposed to make you fly through the air faster than a speeding bullet. But is it all that it claims? It says that it has twice the caffeine. But it doesn’t say what product it has twice as much caffeine as. Another part of the package says ‘Boosts like a cup of coffee’. Of course the package doesn’t list anything at all.

I couldn’t find anything on their site, so there’s really no telling at all what is in it. Bad score there. Bad form, too. The little package does, however, have a little drawing of a rocket ship. Each wrapper is differently colored according to flavor. The ingredients list on this one (Chocolate Mint flavor) states milk chocolate, lecithin, vanillin, coconut oil, caffeine, natural peppermint oil, glycerine. It also has a warning that it may contain traces of peanut butter. Good thing I’m not allergic to that.

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[Energy Review] Barium Energy Powder (Black Cherry)

I am sad to say  I have been poisoned. Yes, poisoned. By Barium.

Oh wait… Are you telling me it was just a candy? Well then! Nevermind. I’ll be perfectly fine. Barium Energy Powderis one of the newer flavors ofpowders made by Harcos Labs. I have had a lot of horrible-tasting powders just like my fellow reviewer has had horrible mints.

I was a bit sketchy about trying the powder from Harcos Labs because of these previous experiences. So, I just ordered one tube and I am wishing I had ordered more. Find out why in a second…

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[Food Review] 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp Bars

Here’s a portion of a review from Does it Hit the Spot?:

I’m way too fat for the bike that I currently ride. It’s an early 1990s Schwinn Le Tour that my step dad once used for racing in triathlons. Yeah, triathlons. As in three athlons. Under any normal circumstances, I would have never even thought of riding a bike like that. In fact, the only reason I have it now is because I found it in my shed, where it has been sitting for the past 15 years. When we found it, mice had completely devoured the padding on the seat, the tires were flat and the rims were a bit bent from sitting in a single spot for so long.

Since finding it, I’ve had it serviced, replaced the seat, trued the rims and put a decent amount of mileage on it. I love it. It’s super light and goes really fast, though I could complain about the lack of comfort one experiences while riding it. If I cared that much, though, I would just ride my 2010 Schwinn City Series, which is probably the most comfortable cruising bike ever made. I do ride it from time to time, but I’ve become accustomed to the insane amounts of speed made possible by this road bike.

What does this have to do with the new 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp Bars? Absolutely nothing.

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[Food Review] Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Caramel

Here’s a portion of a DoesItHitTheSpot.com review:

The problems started right off the bat for me, as there is an unpleasant, soggy quality to both the taste and texture of the bar. The result is a creation that, quite frankly, doesn’t taste good. It’s almost like something you picked up out of a swimming pool. Not quite that bad, mind you, but much closer than I would have hoped for.

Also, the aftertaste is much too strong. Granted I didn’t care for it the first go around, but a nearby beverage is an absolute must if you are going to attempt to eat this thing, because you will be tasting it hard for a long time after you’ve finished.

Lastly, it made my mouth very phlegmy. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Caramel gave me unfortunate flashbacks to the gross soups my mom used to force-feed me when I was battling strep throat as a kid. It didn’t make me feel sick, but there is an odd sort of illness recreation quality to the bar which is just another reason not to buy it.

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[List] The Five Most Unnecessary Candy Concoctions Of All Time

Here’s an intro(duction) of a list of what Casual Clay Cunningham believes to be “The Five Most Unnecessary Candy Concoctions of All Time from DIHTS:

Everyone likes candy, as it often proves to be a valuable asset when trying to harness the energy to get your fat ass from one meal to the next. But of course, not all of our convenience/grocery store options are of high quality, and choosing a bad snack can be outright depressing.

But sometimes when dealing with candy, sight can prove to be as strong a depressant as taste. There’s always at least that one brand you see that just baffles you. Candies you can’t comprehend anyone with an ounce of free will choosing to buy. Candies whose boxes are always filled to the brim, because why even bother adjusting for the expiration date?

This is my “tribute” to what I feel are the five candies most deserving of the scornful comments above. The five I look at and think “life’s too short.”

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Photo courtesey of the-parenting-magazine.com

[Food Review] Wild Cherry M&M’s


When I saw Wild Cherry M&M’s at a local shopatorium, I thought to myself, “boy, that sounds like a horrific combination of flavors.” But, being the trooper that I am, I decided to give them a go so as to give the Everyview public my honest opinion.

And honestly, they suck.


The candies come in two shades of red. One is dark, one is lite, and both are vile. The product is milk chocolate, but combined with the cherry shell, it tastes more like dark chocolate, which I hate. Continue reading

[Energy Review] Nuclear Energy Powder (All Three Flavors)

I’ve had an energy powder before in the form of Encaff Energy Stix, and if you read my review for those you know that it didn’t turn out very well. In fact it turned out horribly. That was one of the worst Energy Drink alternatives I’ve ever had, and haven’t been willing to taste an energy powder since then.

However, when the folks at Harcos Labs hit me up with an offer to try their newest concoctions, I couldn’t resist. These are the guys behind the Mana, Health, and Blood energy potions, so I had trusted them enough to give me something that hopefully wouldn’t kill me. And if it did I had my fingers crossed that they would release some type of Life Energy Potion next.

At any rate, here’s our review for the line of Nuclear Energy Powders. Continue reading

[Energy Review] Uranium Energy Powder (Yellow Cake)

Yes, you red the title right. Uranium is a member of the Nuclear Energy family of caffeinated candy powders, and it is easily the most awesomely flavored energy product I’ve ever come across. I mean, who doesn’t just love cake? It’s delicious!

But you already knew how awesome cake was. What you may not know is how awesome a cake-flavored energy powder actually is. Which I don’t understand. It’s caffeine-infused candy powder that tastes like cake. Continue reading

[Food Review] Milky Way Simply Caramel

The only actual goal I’ve ever had in life (aside from the one of playing in the NBA which officially died after I failed to make my sixth grade A-team) is to compose a truly important piece of writing a large number of people could cling onto.

In that spirit, for the second time in as many days, I’m reviewing a candy bar. Continue reading

[Energy Review] Plutonium Energy Powder (Pear)

Plutonium is one of three flavors from a line of caffeinated candy dust called Nuclear Energy Powder. We’ve got all three flavors to review, so we’re going to handle this like we did with the Nitrous Monsters. First we’ll publish our individual reviews for each flavor, then a review for the line of products as a whole, with links to each flavor’s review.

This is the second flavor of Nuclear we are reviewing, following Radium. Plutonium is a Pear flavored candy, which seems to turn a lot of people off. Candy flavored like pears? It’s not all that weird, really. There are pear-flavored jelly beans. And they even have a pear-flavored jellybean-flavored pudding. So a pear flavored powder might be pretty good, right? Continue reading