[Restaurant Review] Schoop’s Hamburgers

I recently took a trip up to Michigan City with my lovely girlfriend Kimberlee Boland, and the first thing we did when we got to our crummy, disgusting, poorly lit, stiff-bedded, crappy showered, slightly stinky but extremely-cheap-so-it’s-to-be-expected hotel was worry about lunch. Right down the street from our Inn was a place called Schoop’s, and a burger sounded really, really good.

Upon walking into the diner-style building, we were struck with a vintage atmosphere. Posters and pictures of Shirley Temple and Elvis Presley, among other old time celebrities and culture icons, were plastered along the walls, antique car memorabilia was all over the place, and plenty of bubbly teenage waitresses were on hand. The red color scheme and old time rock and roll completed the illusion, bringing everything together into a charming little package.

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[Food Review] Chili Cheese Unbelieva-Burger (Rally’s)

I have been without a paycheck for going on too long now. Thus, my culinary options have dwindled from mediocre to abysmal, yet through no fault of my nearly flawless genetics I have retained my stunning physique. Now, for someone of my athletic build (I have been called my time’s athletic Adrien Brody by many folks) Rally’s might seem like the last place I would be found. Not so, as with the implementation of their $1 Unbelieva-Burgers, I felt compelled to swing through their two drive-thru’d restaurant twice in the last week. And since my beloved Editor-In-Chief Zac Pritcher already handled describing the Bacon Cheddar Crisp, it is my duty to tell you everything you need to know about the Chili Cheeseburger. Continue reading

[Food Review] Bacon Cheddar Crisp Unbelieva-Burger (Rally’s)

I love Rally’s, which a lot of people find weird. I think it is because most people automatically connect Rally’s with their NASCAR promotions. And when people think of NASCAR, they think of white trash. While I don’t consider myself to be white trash, I live in what could easily be considered a white trash town. The city of Terre Haute, IN is a place where you’ll find plenty of overweight dudes with mullets and tattoos of Satan living in a garbage receptacle on their forearm. It’s a place where a vast community of meth addicts take pride in how many teeth they have lost and enjoy showing off their needle tracks. A place where, if you’re lucky, the sewage plant is overflowed and the whole city smells like human feces.

Needless to say this city runs through my veins, and it is with my heritage that I have inherited a fondness for mullets and a love for Rally’s. I was fairly excited earlier today when I drove up through the drive-thru, craving something cheap and greasy, and saw a sign for their new $1 Unbelieva-Burgers. What a deal! I ordered the Bacon Cheddar Crisp, figuring it would be my safest best as it easily seems like the most accessible of the three burgers, got some fries and a soda, and drove off to enjoy my cheap meal. Continue reading

[Food Review] Five Guys Burgers and Fries

It can be hard to find a good burger. I don’t mean a tasty burger. I don’t mean a cheap burger. I mean a delicious, juicy, fully satisfying burger topped with plenty of crisp veggies and stuffed between a flavorful bun. Burgers like that are hard to come by. Unless, of course, you live anywhere near a Five Guys restaurant.

I had originally heard about Five Guys from a post on Grub Grade and my mind was clouded with nothing but thoughts of the delicious-looking burgers ever since. I had finally gotten my chance to satisfy my insane hunger for Five Guys during a trip to Cincinnati to see Marcy Playground. In all honesty, words can hardly describe how delicious the meal was, so I’ve included a few pictures to help me out a little. Continue reading

[Food Review] The Big Hardee From Hardee’s

When I reviewed the ho-hum Fried Bologna Biscuit from Hardee’s, I talked a little bit about a sandwich called the Big Carl. For those of you who don’t know, a chain of burger joints called Carl’s Jr. is owned by the same company behind Hardee’s. It was Carl’s that first revealed a sandwich called the Big Carl, whose major selling point was the inclusion of more meat and more cheese than a Big Mac from McDonald’s, only for less money.

Burger lovers without access to a Carl’s Jr. can rejoice, because Hardee’s is finally offering a similar burger, dubbed the Big Hardee. There are some key differences to the two burgers, such as the Big Hardee offering three patties of meat where the Big Carl provides eaters with two slightly larger patties. Continue reading