[Food Review] Burger King’s Ciabatta Breakfast Club

How long has Burger King had breakfast?

As long as I can consciously remember. I’m sure if I dug deep enough into my suppressed memory I would be able to find a time that the King didn’t offer as much saturated fat as Roseanne Barr’s left thigh in the morning hours, but doing so is dangerous. Who knows what else I might find while digging through the purposefully forgotten banks of my memories? Forgotten stories of Uncle Chuck’s “games”? Concealed memories of my infant brother Todd, whom in a fit of jealous range I suffocated and ate, only to have my parents convince me it was just a dream so I could grow up and continue to function?

Nah, none of that stuff ever happened to me. But I feel bad for the sorry sonofabitch who just remembered losing his virginity to the football team when he was only seven years old.


Wait what was my point? Oh yeah! Have you seen those awful new commercials of BK promoting their “New” breakfast menu? If not, good for you. I don’t understand it. BK has had breakfast for a really long time, why are they promoting it like it’s something wholly new just because they added like five new items and switched their coffee brand?

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[Restaurant Review] Miko’s Cafe

Here’s a portion of David Roshinksi’s review on Does It Hit The Spot:

There are three things that I love about Sundays: a nice long drive with no traffic, acoustic versions of great songs on the radio, and a really good, hearty breakfast. Today I got to do all three on the way home north of Boston.

Miko’s was a nicely designed and decorated café with three sections, small tables up front, larger tables and booths in the middle and the diner counter with high backs where I sat in the back. At the counter there was a brilliantly ornate antique cash register more for show than function. Up top in the inlay was a large flat screen TV that softly chirped the news and built into the counter was a very appropriately placed foot rest.

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[Food Review] Cupcake Pebbles

I love cereal. I love cupcakes. Cupcake-flavored cereal? Sign me up!

Cupcake Pebbles is essentially exactly what the name implies. The classic Pebbles shapes sweetened and flavored to taste like delicious, tasty little cupcakes. It’s a fantastic idea, really, and when you think about it there has been a pretty sizable explosion of food products that taste like various forms of cake despite being other things. Take, for example, that BK Birthday Cake Milkshake, which was delicious. Something else that comes to mind is the Yellow Cake flavor of Nuclear Energy Powder, which is the best flavor of that particular line of products.

Do the Cupcake Pebbles manage to topple Fruity Pebbles as my Pebbles of choice? Let’s find out. Continue reading

[Food Review] Bob Evans Sausage, Egg and Cheese Microwavable Homestyle Breakfast Burritos

bobevansmicrowaveburritoBreakfast Burritos have been my favorite morning meal for as long as I can remember. There is just something comforting about having all of the essential breakfast foods wrapped into a soft tortilla shell.

While I definitely prefer making my own, due to the creative and artistic freedom presented by the nature of the burrito, there are times when I just don’t feel like putting the effort into making one, nor do I possess the initiative required to drive to Sonic or Hardee’s. That’s why I recently picked up these microwavable Sausage, Egg and Cheese burritos from Bob Evans. Continue reading

[Food Review] S’mores Pop-Tarts


Nothing beats the simple pleasure of sitting by a fire reading ghost stories, singing campfire songs and making s’mores. The fresh air, open sky, and the threat of being stabbed by a hobo or eaten by a bear are just a few of the exhilarating aspects of spending a night in the wilderness.

If you’re like me, however, you’re far more likely to find yourself sitting by a microwave, looking at porn on your BlackBerry, singing Dolly Parton songs and snacking on these S’mores Pop-Tarts. I’m afraid of bugs, rain, and hobos, so I very much prefer to stay within the confines of the great indoors. Continue reading

[Food Review] Hardee’s Fried Bologna Biscuit

bologna biscuitOverview:

A few days ago our good friends over at GrubGrade told the hungry world about the new Fried Bologna Biscuit from Hardee’s. Needless to say, eaters who were expecting a new sandwich similar to the Big Carl from Carl’s Jr, Hardee’s sister establishment, were quite disappointed. Average Southerners or poor Northerners (yo), however, will find instant appeal in the new breakfast biscuit.

Will Hardee’s newest morning menu item turn bologna into the new ham? There’s only one way to find out. It’s review time! Continue reading