[Random Review] Ab Circle Pro

One of the sheer and utter blisses of being young is that you have all kinds of energy bottled up. You can literally run, climb, swing,  and jump for hours at a time. And you aren’t doing this specifically for your health, you do it because it’s fun. But then adolescence sets in, and it gets a little bit harder to workout. Your feet are disproportionately sized for you body, and you’re dreadfully skinny. This is when you start noticing that after a few minutes of intense workout that you experience this thing you never did as a child: you’re out of breath.

But lucky for you, there are plenty of opportunities to play sports at this time of your life, plus you have gym class a few times a week so you are at least active and getting some exercise. This can continue through college if you’re lucky, because you have plenty of free time to hit the multi-million dollar facility your campus has.

But when you get that diploma you would never believe how little free time you have. Free gym membership based on being a student is gone, and now you have to find a suitable gym that won’t rape you with a monthly fee and selective hours. Plus, these gyms are typically filled with people who take themselves way too seriously, and who wants to deal with those strokes? Continue reading