We’re Back!

Er… kind of. Editor Clay and myself have been trying to get things up and running again here lately, but I forgot how much it sucks to have to be motivated and to do things like writing and caring. At any rate, I’ve managed to get most things functioning again, so feel free to either sit on this page clicking “refresh” every 18 minutes or to come back at a later date and see if we’ve actually managed to follow through.

Sorry About the Lack of Reviews, I’ve Been Writing an Erotic Horror Short Story

I trust I am forgiven, considering the circumstances.

For the past few weeks I’ve been hard on work on a couple of things. I just started a new semester of school, and I’m enrolled in 16 credit hours. I am running for mayor of my city, Terre Haute, IN. And I have been writing an erotic horror story.

Oh yeah.

Regardless, I just finished that off today and submitted it to the publishers, so hopefully it makes the cut in the upcoming anthology entitled “Nocturnal Emissions: Things That go Hump in the Night.”

I know, right?

Anyway, things should be getting better and more frequent here soon. This goes for all sites across the Everyview Network.

Introducing DIHTS.com, a New Site in the Everyview Network!

Many of you have noticed that we’ve began to expand our humble little site into a network of dedicated review sites. The process is slow, but we are steadily growing our frontier for reviews to multiple web sites. The first of these children sites Everyview produced is CaffeineCritic.com, a site dedicated to all things energy.

Now, let me introduce you to Does It Hit The Spot, the newest member of the Everyview Network. DoesItHitTheSpot.com (or DIHTS.com) is dedicated to all things food. Restaurants, snacks, recipes, meals and more will all have a review home at DIHTS, where we do our best to answer the question, Does It Hit The Spot?

Of course just like with Caffeine Critic, we will post blurbs and links from DIHTS right here on Everyview to ensure all of our readers stay connected to our growing family of sites.

[The Everyview Update] Under Old Management

Some of our regular readers may have noticed that I was gone most of last week, and in my absence our dedicated editor Casual Clayton “Joel the Jokester” Cunningham took over the site. Surprisingly to me, he was very humble about taking on these new responsibilities.

Anyway, regardless of how much everyone on the internet loves good ol’ Clay, I’m back in command. Don’t go running off on me, I’ll try to be as effective as Clay by making sure an astounding one review gets posted each week, unless he decides to intervene by writing a review of No More Heroes 2 while enjoying himself in Nashville, Tennessee like I had to do because productivity wasn’t staying optimal.

Regardless, things should be getting back to normal now.

An Obligatory Daily Post

So yesterday was day one of my week-long adventure as Everyview Site Administrator, while Zac is off gallivanting at various Tennessee zoos and tweeting every minor detail of his day.

“How did it go?” you may ask. Well, generally I ain’t inclined to be the kind to boast, but we had our best day in terms of traffic in over a week. Does this mean I am more qualified to run this little site than Zac Pritcher could ever dream of being?

Yes. Without question. Continue reading

[The Everyview Update] Whatever The Hell Week This Is

Things are a bit hectic this week at Everyview HQ, as site creator/head writer/bastard who steals my ideas then quadruples my rate of success Zac Pritcher is vacationing in Memphis, Tennessee, walking with his feet ten feet off of Beale (anyone who gets this joke has made a friend in me for life).

While he’s gone, he has decided to pass on all the major editorship duties he usually handles, starting with the posting of this little weekly schpeal where we pretend to be delusional enough to believe we actually have readers, to me, Casual Clay Cunningham.

That said, I honestly don’t know exactly what is in store this week. Andrew Majors recently reviewed an EP by Tristan Clopet which I will post tomorrow. I myself may do an untimely and unnecessary review of an 11-year-old My Morning Jacket album, I haven’t yet decided.

Before we get into anything major, I feel the need to apologize in advance if the quality of work this week is a bit on the substandard side. Keep in mind I have never, nor have I ever desired to, run a website before, so I could prove to be in over my head. But no matter how bad it gets, everyone’s favorite manipulative bastard (who likely regrets letting me write this) will be back in a weeks time. Thanks, and please don’t give up on us based on this week.