[Energy Drink Review] RockStar Recovery

Straight from the Can:

ROCKSTAR RECOVERY is designed for those who need a strong energy boost when it counts – plus maximum recovery and hydration. B-vitamins, caffeine, electrolytes, and ROCKSTAR’s potent herbal blend are formulated to deliver that extra kick. Fully refreshing lemonade flavor made with real lemon juice, RECOVERY is smooth, powerful and easy to drink.

I generally don’t enjoy RockStar products. They are usually salty, sour, bitter messes that perform well below the standard set forth by energy drinks such as Monster. Still, when I saw Recovery’s brilliant yellow can with a flat black top and red tab, I knew I had to spend my hard-earned money on the drink so I could waste my valuable time writing a review for you guys to ignore. It’s totally worth it in the end.


Popping the tab on my can of RockStar Recovery and leaning in for a whiff, I was met with a decent lemonade aroma that was rather artificial and a bit subdued by filler. It wasn’t overly sweet, but was a bit too sharp. Really, at this point, I was heavily reminded of Walmart brand canned lemonade, which isn’t a good thing in the least.

The flavor is the exact same. Not too sugary, but much too bitter and heavily watered down. The texture is very strange, a bit heavy, and not very pleasing. In short, it is exactly what you would expect from lemonade in a can. If you are, like myself, easily turned off by super artificially tasting juice then you should steer clear of Recovery. However, as far as being a hydrating energy drink goes, it tastes on par with most of the competition.

The thing that sways most energy drink addicts from grabbing a “hydrating” drink is that, while they won’t drain your body of crucial liquids, they sure as hell don’t give much of a kick. RockStar Recovery may not be on par with traditional energy drinks, I can say that it certainly kicks harder than the majority of other similar drinks. After about 30 minutes of consumption, I felt a weak kick that slowly improved over the course of two hours before peaking and beginning to decline.

But does it really help you “recover?” No, not really. If you’re completely wiped out or exhausted, grab some anti-oxidizing green tea or 100% fruit juice and snack on some whole grains. If you’re just hungover, then shame on you for not drinking Anti-Hangover before getting your night started. Regardless, don’t count on RockStar Recovery to give you what it claims to. It’s really just a gimmick.

In terms of value, RockStar Recovery comes packaged in a 16 0z, 2-serving can for the industry standard price of $2.99.

Final Words:

RockStar Recovery doesn’t provide much of a kick, as is to be expected, nor does it actually deliver on helping you recover from whatever traumatic or simply exhausting experience you may have endured. It doesn’t smell very good, and the flavor is less impressive.

Give it a shot if you feel you must, but I suggest you skip it.

Score: 5.2/10 (Mediocre)

Aroma: 5.0/10
Taste: 4.75/10
Kicks: 4.0/10
Value: 7.0/10

11 thoughts on “[Energy Drink Review] RockStar Recovery

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  2. I completly disagree with this review. This is one of the best energy drinks on the market. The smell isn’t bad at all and it goes down very smooth. I love having one of these in the morning.

    Please, try it for yourself. You may be surprised, especially after reading this crappy review.

    9/10, especially for an energy drink. This one is good.

  3. I second that disagreement. To me this is the best tasting energy drink that I’ve tasted so far from the “no sugar” “low-carb” drinks. I love the tartness of the lemon flavor and the can looks cool too with the black top and red tab lol.

    All of the “kick” stuff is subjective and depends on varying circumstances doesn’t it? Prior sleep, type of food eaten previously, etc. etc.

    This thing has 180 grams of caffeine. I would think any drink with 180 grams would be the same effect, no?

    Side note: this one is hard to locate in the store actually. I have three 7 elevens in a 2 mile radius from me and none have it. I need to drive to one 3-5 miles away which has it.

  4. This review is dog S, this is by far the best energy drink out right now. It doesn’t get you all jittery like the blue or black rockstars, and doesn’t taste like chalk like the white rockstar.

  5. Time out, I will also disagree with this because first off it tasts amazing, and i hate ( AND I MEAN HATE) energy drinks , but this is the only one i will ever drink because no matter how hungover i am,(Headach, puking, Aching) The minute i wake up and realize how hung over i am, i always have one standing by, and i chug it. 1 hour later the hangover is completly gone. And i made a bunch of believers out of this stuff, everyone will vouge for it. My moto, Chug it ( Whole thing), keep it down (Dont puke it back up after feeling super sick), recover( works everytime). and it tastes amazing after a night of drinking ( So much better than water when your hungover).
    As for energy, a little bit, but not much, just helps me hydrate and get my vitamins back into me quick instead of taking my normal vitamin pills.
    P/s ima a health freak and dont drink all the time, but everytime i do i buy one of these for the next morning, low sugar/carbs/ and calories

  6. I completely agree with this review. I bought a few energy drinks in anticipation of a long night working and this was the one I cracked open first.
    Smelled weird, tasted worse and made my friend taste it to see if it was all in my head. She agreed this drink was disgusting. I mixed it with RS pink and it was a bit more palatable, but half a can of this crap sits untouched in my kitchen.

    Rockstar can keep it’s fake and bitter lemon drink.

  7. I believe these are best ones on the market, I sure all energy drink to a point aren’t good if used more than you should. But think if you want a good taste, low sugar, and vitamins. Yes their caffeine in it, but little doesnt hurt. Beside first main ingredient is purfied water, and lemon juice. So over all not a bad beverage if its something you need!

  8. Harsh!! am not a fan of recovery drinks, but this one was rather great and leave me wanting more, I would recomend to anyone.

  9. This is my favorite. Fantastic taste+effect, particularly when it’s ice cold.
    BUT – you might want to try “Monster Rehab” as well. Very similar taste, with added tea. Very good as well.

  10. I just drank one my first thoughs tastes awfull(to me) did wake me up which is a plus and also I now have the urge to brush my teeth final verdict it was alright I prefer rockstar punched

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