[Food Review] Doritos Late Night: All Nighter Cheeseburger

The Doritos Late Night line of snacks has found massive success almost entirely by word of mouth. And how could it not? I mean, in a market saturated with purely artificially flavored chips that taste kind of like the name on the bag suggests, it’s nice to be able to snack on something that actually tastes like Tacos or Jalapeno Poppers. I still remember my first bag of Tacos at Midnight. It lasted about 3.2 minutes.

The first new flavor since the now legendary line of chips launched has finally arrived in the form of All Nighter Cheeseburger. Trust me, if you love cheeseburgers, you will love these chips.


After excitedly tearing into my first bag of All Nighter Cheeseburger chips I was hit with an absolutely mouthwatering aroma. My teenage years of working as a softball umpire quickly rushed back to me. The trigger? The sweet smell of juicy, freshly grilled burgers, ketchup, and mustard. I remember being miserable, out there under the hot sun trying to pay attention to each play, tortured by the tantalizing aroma of the concession’s cheap beef patties. There is nothing as awful as being restricted from a delicious ballpark burger because you’re working.

This was my chance to make up for that. To remedy the mental scars set upon my mind and stomach, caused by the tantalizing aromatic endorphin floating through the air, the source of which was just out of reach. This is now more than snacking, this is redemption.

I grabbed that first little triangle, fingers trembling and mouth watering, and gently placed it on my tongue, praying I was able to avoid disappointment as I never could when I finally got my chubby hands around those shoddy, tasteless ballpark burgers.

Oh. My. God.

I didn’t know what to think. I couldn’t think. My taste buds were blasted with more flavors than I could’ve imagined being crammed into a single chip. I could taste the sweet ketchup, the savory mustard, crisp onions and wonderful cheese sitting on top of a juicy, flavorful patty of meat. I could almost feel the texture of a real burger in my mouth. It was an outstanding first time that I shan’t soon forget.

Then I ate another. And another. And another. For half a bag I continuously stuffed these precious little corn chips into my mouth, and with each one the snack’s faults became more and more apparent. The flavor of the mustard slightly outweighs any other after a while, though not overpoweringly so. There is also a bit more onion kick than some would prefer. Also, don’t expect to kiss anyone after eating these. Your breath will stink. Nothing a piece of gum can’t fix, however. These issues are by no means any sort of deal breaker, and these chips are absolutely delicious.

Final Words

Doritos Late Night: All Nighter Cheeseburger chips are absolutely fantastic. If you enjoy chips, try these. If you enjoy burgers, try these. If you enjoy living past the age of fifty, try these and be sure to eat them only in moderation. In short, I highly recommend Doritos Late Night: All Nighter Cheeseburger flavored chips to anyone. Except for vegetarians, due to the natural beef flavor listed in the ingredients. Unless you want it to be our secret, I won’t tell anyone.


  • Mindblowingly delicious
  • Smell like cheeseburgers
  • Taste like cheeseburgers
  • Flavored with all the things that go on cheeseburgers
  • How can you not like cheeseburger Doritos?


  • Terrible breath
  • Maybe a bit too much mustard or onion for some people
  • Not vegetarian friendly
  • Being a softball umpire

Score: 9.5/10 (Outstanding)


75 thoughts on “[Food Review] Doritos Late Night: All Nighter Cheeseburger

  1. This reminds me of Mitch Hedberg’s Texas Grilled Frito’s joke:
    “They remind me of summer, when we used to fire up the barbecue and throw down some Frito’s. I can still see my dad with the apron on. Better flip that Frito, dad, you know how I like it.”

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  3. I bought a bag yesterday and early indications seem that cheeseburger might be my new favorite flavor.

  4. I had passed these up before, thinking “There is no way those could be any good” You sir have changed my mind. I read this yesterday, and got a bag last night. They are just amazing. It’s true that the mustard and onion may be a bit strong for some people, but at least it isn’t the ketchup.

  5. @ Jason

    Yeah, they are good for sure. Just don’t eat too many, I got a terrible belly ache from Doritoverdosing on them.

    @ Rob

    That’s what we’re here for, good sir. Glad my opinion helped you out!

    @ Brad

    That seems to be the word on the street. I never had the X-13D so I can’t verify whether or not they tasted the same, but rumors say they are the same chips.

  6. These things are asoundingly delicious at first. Eat too many of them and they seem to kill your tastebuds and just start to taste like any other Dorito.

  7. I think you’re way off on these, they are absolutely abhorrent. The aftertaste is way too much like chemicals that taste like mustard and onion and it makes me scared to read the ingredient list..only for a pallette that appreciates nothing but junk.

  8. @antigirlygrrrl

    Well, I have reviewed a decent amount of energy drinks. I don’t really abuse them any more, but maybe my tastebuds are still shot from all that chemical goodness. I did used to pee blood from drinking too many of them about once a week. And that was on a good week.

    But if you’ve got the prestigious palette of a fancy food connoisseur then I fail to see why you’d be eating Doritos in the first place.

  9. Yes they are the same as the X-13D. My mom and I went through the contest to guess the flavor and unfortunately weren’t chosen. But these are just as I remember them.

  10. Oh yes one more thing, I tasted them in Georgia with my mom and I’m now with my dad in TN but they’re not here yet. Anyone know when they’ll get to TN?

  11. Yes, the Black Bag X-13D that Doritos sent out in the summer of 2006 as a trial to see who can name the flavor IS the all night cheeseburger you know now. I remember saying to my relatives after I bought a case of the famed X-13D’s to bring to a nephew’s graduation, “Doesn’t this taste like a cheeseburger? Taste the onions, ketchup, mustard, cheese and beef?” My Brother-in-law, the first one to call me up 2 weeks ago to give me the good news, said “DUDE! They made those chips that you brought!” I then called Frito-Lay to see if I was correct, and a representative from the 1-800 number confirmed it. It was true. Here’s an info link on the X-13D chips for those of you that don’t remember.

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  13. Does anyone know if they are gluten free? I love them but my wife and son won’t eat them until they know they are gluten free. I hope they are for all the other people with Celiac!

  14. This is my favorite now, I love it. Taste just like a burger king whopper. I hope they don’t take this away from the shelves. Great article by the way.

  15. I am currently sitting here trying very hard not to eat a whole bag at once. I keep closing it but picking it up right back up because I can’t get cheeseburger off my mind. To me these are almost as good as the spicy sweet chili which is by far my favorite

  16. @DaveO

    No idea, I had the same problem with wondering if Tacos at Midnight were vegetarian friendly. I had to call the 1-800 number on the back of the bag and talk to a rep. I suggest you do the same, sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  17. You must be a long-term smoker with no taste buds.

    These chips are effing disgusting. I ate one and I was like “cool! They really taste like a cheeseburger!” I ate about 3 more and I was like.. ummmk it’s kinda wearing out it’s welcome. I sat down with the bag to make my 3 dollars worthwhile and I could hardly choke down 5 more.

    They give you the nastiest after taste of an food I’ve ever had, they just make me want a real cheeseburger. When McDonald’s is open 24/7 and offer a burger at less than the price of these God-forsaken chips, why the Hell would you eat these things.

    They effing nasty. I called Frito Lay and demanded my money back for the simple fact that no ammount of money given or received could make me want to eat any more. And I’m never picky about food. I’m the person that will drink a watered down soda just because I’m hungry, despite the taste, or eat leftovers that have been sitting in the fridge for a little longer than should have been, and freezer burned foods are “O.K.”… but these? Hell no would I ever ventured to eat them. They are just effing nasty.

    I’m hopefully going to get reimbursed or get a coupon for another flavor. I LOVE doritos, but this line of chips was just a bust. Hopefully they’ll be discontinued soon. I can’t believe anyone would actually eat more than 3 of these. It’s like the novelty earwax flavored jelly beans. It’s cool to eat one or two to say .. ooo! It tastes like earwax. But as a long term highly sought after snack? I highly disagree.
    And it’s not just me, every person I’ve heard from that has had flavors from this line said they had to dump them after just a few chips. It’s not just me. These chips belong on Fear Factor.

  18. Unfortunately, I remember seeing the XD13 or whatever on the store shelves a couple years ago but have not seen these recently! My sister told me they are sooo good and I hope we get them here soon! And as for the person who said that they had earwax jellybeans…why is Gods name would you try those and why would you know what earwax tastes like??? And are you seriously trying to get a $3.00 refund for a bag of chips??? WOW…not that serious. lol.

  19. Let’s not pass judgment on people simply because they know what earwax tastes like. Some people are just more curious about tastes in their youth than others.

  20. Well…I saw these chips at the Cafeteria at work and thought I’d give them a whirl. Initial reaction?…Pretty good. After the first few chips though, the onion powder flavor became very overpowering. I finished the bag because I was actually really hungry but I probably won’t buy these again. I REALLY wanted to enjoy these too πŸ™

  21. There i was, standing right in the middle of the chip isle.

    in my hands, i held two bags of chips.

    Taco doritos in my left, cheeseburger doritos on my right.

    i knew the taco doritos were a revelation, but the thought of a cheeseburger dorito just blew my mind.

    so i took the plunge with the unknown flavor of, Cheeseburger.

    Man was it the right choice.

    all indications show that cheeseburger is my new favorite flavor.

    thank you, sirs.

  22. Disagree Late Night Cheese Burger Doritos are the most Vile disgusting chip I have ever tasted. Clearly you were paid to write this article.
    I actually was able to return my open bag for another flavor.. I went for Cool Ranch..

  23. I freakin LOVE these chips! To the people who disagree, I’m sorry you feel that way, but I think you’re off your rockers!!!!! I’ve only had them once but I’d definitely recommend them to anybody. They are really delicious to me but I think someone took it too far with the “earwax” thing.

  24. I am a big fan of Doritos. I am a big fan of those beef flavored “crisps” from the UK. But these Cheeseburger Doritos are SO BAD that I had to search for a place to post my warning… do not purchase these chips thinking they will be anything like their delightful cousins from Merry Old. Frito-Lay went a little overboard with the essence of lighter fluid.

  25. WOW! One of my cousins brought a bag of the X-13D Doritos camping a few years ago, and we all loved them, then! We were calling them “Quarter Pounder with Cheese” Doritos.
    I was overjoyed when I walked past the vending machine at work, and saw a few bags of the Late Night Cheeseburger Doritos. I ran back to my desk, to get some change. They are as good as I remember!
    I can see if you eat too much of anything, your initial impressions will change, but I found my new favorite Dorito. A lot of the other Dorito flavors are WAY too overpowering, where I can still taste them a couple of days later, but these didn’t seem too bad. I definately plan on finding my threshold with these!! I emailed my wife, and told her that if she comes across these in the grocery store, she really needs to get me a few bags!

    Love ’em!!!

  26. Nastiest things I’ve ever tasted. Where’s the beef?!? If you really love the taste of ketchup, pickle, onion and mustard floating around in your mouth, enjoy! I gagged and spit it out on my first chip. UGH! What stoner invented these?!? Now, the pizza and ranch ones are very good, as well as the sweet and spicy….but these just plain suck.

  27. Well I just had a bag of Doritos All night cheeseburger review and the first few are really good and taste compleelty awesome. Than they get all gross like ketchup and mustard floatin in your mouth. Also i think they are not vegetarian friendly (i’ve heard from the all the other posts)

  28. Just picked these up at a grocery store outside Nashville today. I was hesitant, thinking they couldn’t possibly live up to the standard set by the now-tried-and-true Tacos After Midnight beside them. Wrong. Doritos does it again! After decades of that abysmal Nacho Cheese, I do hope this line catches on and stays a while.

  29. I am a VERY picky eater and I LOVE these chips as do both of my girls! I’ve not come across any of the onion flavored ones…most of mine seem to be either pickle or mustard!! For those that don’t like them…to each their own…no need to be harsh or rude!

  30. These are just plain strange. The flavor is eerily similar to the old 7-11 microwave burgers. There’re pretty horrid but I had to have about 8 before I couldn’t take them anymore.

  31. Ohhh, the deliciousness of All-Nighter Cheeseburger Doritos. I, too, wrote them off as disgusting, but then I tried one. I’ve been hooked ever since.

  32. WHAAAATTT? These things are ridiculious! I have loved Doritos forever, tried every flavor thusfar…this one is ON THE MONEY! I felt like I was eating a burger! A bit onion(y) on the after taste, but hey, I like onions only your guest might not apprectiate your breath…so give ’em a Dorito! Ha! Problem solved….
    I could even taste the bun! Crazy good! How do they do this S*#T???

  33. Holy crap I had some last night and the taste won’t go away!!! It’s been about 12 hours since I have had the chips, and I’ve brushed my teeth…twice. Augh. Never eating these again.

  34. I find the cheezboogey chips quite good. However (as I find to be the case with most doritos) I feel they could use more of the flavoring mix. Perhaps I’ve simply removed too many tastebuds with all of our good New Mexico chile, but that’s my opinion, I can still taste way too much corn.

  35. I absolutely love the Cheeseburger Doritos! I thought they would be really gross and refused to try them. Then I became curiouse and put one in my mouth…OMG! I felt like I was eating an In N’ Out Burger! I haven’t tried the Taco ones, but I plan to very soon. I’ve heard they are fantastic! I too honestly want to know how they do this S#*T! I have never tasted anything like it! FREAKING AMAZING!

  36. in Canada they’re taxes and are way more expensive than a cheeseburger with real meat and cheese. the government here doesn’t want me eating them πŸ™

  37. Man i hate opinions i also hate it when people have bad taste. These new all night cheesburger Doritos are totally fine there is nothing wrong with them i am haflway done my first big bag and im enjoying every single chip. Some people are wimmps and cant stand anything to salty i love salt. Yes cool ranch are the best flavor hands down no arguments Black Pepper Jack were great now they are gone. Texas Tang back in 1992 were deadly that brand is also gone. something is either good or its not and these chips are good the person who wrote the review is 100 percent right if you like burgers and you like chips you will like these that is the bottom line. Eat Up

  38. These chips are absolutely delicious, it puts my mindd to soooo much work wondering how they got such a crispy corn chip to taste like a REAL CHEESEBURGER!!! They tastee WAY better than the tacos, I want to try the Jalapeno Popper one, anyone tried those yet??

  39. Love the flavour in small doses and the fact that I can put them down after a couple of hands full, seal the bag and leave them for later.
    saw a post about combining them with Old Dutch Bacon flavoured chips. gotta try that!

  40. I am totally impressed by the flavor of these chips as well. I did not think this could be possible… but it its! Science has broken new ground.

    Also, great review.

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