“Blank Check” VS “First Kid” The Results Are In!

Hey there everyone, today marks the 7th day of our premiere Master Debate’s Launch which means it’s time to close the polls and announce the winner! We had lots of votes and tons of support, so thanks to everyone who voted!

The face off was between Everyview Editor Clayton Cunningham and up-and-coming Contributor Andrew Majors. The debate was an intense and bloodthirsty battle between two “classic” live-action Disney films from the early t0 mid 1990’s, “First Kid” and “Blank Check” a battle worthy of gladiatorial status and recognition.

poll-results1First up we have “Blank Check,” represented by Andrew Majors, a film that tells the intriguing story of a young man who, but chance, happens to find himself holding a blank check. Pure intensity and comical hilarity follow soon after.

On Clay’s side of the ring was the renowned Sinbad flick “First Kid,” which told a whimsical tale of one very troubled Secret Service agent who is tasked with protecting the President’s obnoxious son. The film ends with a powerful moral that left every eight-year-old from 1996 feeling truly satisfied.

To see the original arguments made by each contender, check out the battle right here. Otherwise read below for the final stats to see which movie reigned most powerful in the battle for live-action supremecy.

Insert Drumroll Here.

And the winner, with 59% percent of all votes,  is…

first-kid1First Kid! The battle went back and forth all week, but in the end all you voters told us that First Kid was by far the better live-action movie of the two. “Blank Check” gave its all, but in the end was only able to garner 41% of the popular votes.

Thanks a lot to everyone who cast their vote and proved “First Kid” to be the truly superior film and informing the ignorant masses who might not have known how excellent this classic film was otherwise.

And remember, repeat voters aren’t welcome!

2 thoughts on ““Blank Check” VS “First Kid” The Results Are In!

  1. SHIT!


    I forgot to vote.

    Oh well, wouldn’t have made a difference anyway.

  2. YES!

    VICTORY! Congratulations Clay, your genius argument won my vote.

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