The Results are in for Poll #1!

The results for our first poll are in! Since this was our first poll we simply used it to get a rough idea of how often our readers visit the site.

The question was:
“How often do you visit Everyview”

And here are the results:

  • “Daily, or close to it” – 42% (21 votes)
  • “About once or twice a week” – 26% (13 votes)
  • “Every once in a while” – 16% (8 votes)
  • “It’s my first time!” – 16% (8 votes)
  • Total votes – 50

I closed it off at 50 votes because I thought that was plenty to get a feel for who my reader base is. Most people who voted visit near daily or at least once or twice a week. A smaller percentage of people only come every once in a while or have just found the site for their first time ever. Sure hope they come back!

A new poll will be up soon enough, but until then keep reading Everyview!

2 thoughts on “The Results are in for Poll #1!

  1. I used to come daily, too. But this early year BS has my hours at the office sky rocketed my work hours. I come as often as possible now. Still love the site though!

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